Central Africa Backbone Project – Central African Republic Component

Central Africa Backbone Project – Central African Republic Component

Project ID: AfIF-13

Initiated in 2007, the Central Africa Backbone (CAB) project aims to install terrestrial optical fibre links that interconnect countries in the Central Africa region. Each country of the region has to implement its cross-border interconnection links (as well as missing links in its territory) with at least two neighbouring countries.

The CAB project is implemented through three inter-connected national components: CAB Cameroon, CAB Congo and CAB Central African Republic. By providing broadband access from the landing points of submarine cables, the project will significantly facilitate broadband access and develop information society.

The AfIF contribution to the CAB project will contribute to the undertaking of the Central African Republic component. Optical fibre links will contribute to reducing the cost to business of accessing high-quality telecommunications services in the country.

Beyond the 900 km of optical fibres to be laid (interconnecting the Central African Republic with Cameroon and Congo), 20 Digital Community Centres are expected to be built, providing 1000 youth with employment. A training programme which will initiate 8,000 women in the use of ITC tools is also part of the project. Part of the project involves the introduction of a Market and Climate Information System (MCIS).