Eures i ditt land

Eures är ett nätverk av arbetsförmedlingar som omfattar alla EU-länder samt Island, Liechtenstein, Norge och Schweiz.

Europeiska samordningsbyrån (ECO)

På europeisk nivå samordnas nätverket av Europeiska samordningsbyrån, som inrättats inom Europeiska kommissionens generaldirektorat för sysselsättning, socialpolitik och inkludering. Byrån ansvarar också för förvaltningen av Euresportalen.

Nationella samordningskontor (NCO)

Varje land har utsett ett nationellt samordningskontor för Eures. Detta kontor har ansvaret att samordna det nationella nätverket av medlemmar och samarbetspartner.

Medlemmar och samarbetspartner i Eures

Tjänsterna för arbetssökande och arbetsgivare tillhandahålls av medlemmarna och samarbetspartnerna i Eures.

De offentliga arbetsförmedlingarna har en särskild roll eftersom de alltid deltar och tillhandahåller tjänster som Euresmedlemmar. Andra arbetsförmedlingar och organisationer som tillhandahåller tjänster till arbetssökande och arbetsgivare kan också delta endera som Euresmedlemmar eller som Euressamarbetspartner beroende på vilka tjänster de erbjuder. En Euresmedlem tillhandahåller hela utbudet av Eurestjänster medan en Euressamarbetspartner har ett mer begränsat utbud av tjänster beroende på storleken på organisationen eller karaktären på de andra tjänster som den normalt tillhandahåller.

Ta reda på vilka de är och hur du kan kontakta dem genom att välja ett land i förteckningen nedan.

Nationellt samordningskontor


Arbetsförmedlingen (PES) is a national public agency. Arbetsförmedlingen fulfills the role as the National coordination office for EURES in Sweden,nominated by the government.

Director General’s Office
SE-113 99 Stockholm



AB Företagsutveckling Lund

Sandson Företagsutveckling can assist you in looking for a job in Europe and can also help employers looking for skills from another EU/EEA country. We make this possible in the though the project Your First EURES job, which in addition to providing mobility services also offers financial support. We also work with Erasmus + projects, both as a sending and receiving party.

Bredgatan 2,
22221 Lund

Tel: +46 464 60 15 40

Arbetsförmedlingen – Swedish Public Employment Service

Arbetsförmedlingen has been a member of EURES since the start of the network in 1994. Our more than 30 EURES advisers are located throughout the country and offer a wide range of free services to both jobseekers and employers. At, Sweden's largest advertising site for job vacancies, you will find jobs both in Sweden and abroad.


For employers recruiting abroad:

For Swedish jobseekers:

For jobseekers from abroad:

Hesore Consulting AB

Jobseekers are offered information on how to apply for jobs in Europe; travel support for job interviews; travel and residence; language courses; support for creating application documents on the EURES portal; match jobseekers and employers. Employers are also offered recruitment support.

Iris Hadar AB

Many things must fall into place for a successful match! With long experience in language training and job matching, Iris offers to train your new workforce in Swedish, even before the move. At the same time, we can match the spouse to a job here in Sweden, to increase the chances of a long-term and sustainable employment for your new colleague.

Sveavägen 34, SE-111 34 Stockholm
Tel: +46 8 39 92 00

We are located in 70 different cities in all of Sweden.
You can find all our offices at

JJ Bemanning AB (t/a Galo Bemanning)

JJ Bemanning AB is a combined recruitment and staffing agency, mainly specialised in the hotel, restaurant and catering sector (HoReCa), which can offer EURES services.

Karlavägen 18
114 31 Stockholm

tel: +46 (8) 410 205 45


Beteendekliniken Sverige

Beteendekliniken Sverige helps employees who are looking for work in another EU/EEA country, as well as employers who are looking for skills and want to recruit from another EU/EEA country. Our services (including digital): Matching, information, career coaching, guidance, support services, recruitment events and Drop’pin @ EURES.


Handelskammaren Mälardalens Service AB

Have you employed a person from abroad and wonder what the next step is? We are here to assist you in that process. Moving to a new country can be a challenging but rewarding experience. There are many things to consider, both before and after the move to the new ”home away from home”.

Box 80
44700 08 Örebro