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University of Teramo career day shares the benefits of youth mobility

EURES recently teamed up with the PES of Italy’s Abruzzo region to host a career day at the University of Teramo. The event took place on 7 November, and was aimed at students and graduates.

The event took place during EURES’ 25th anniversary celebrations and was delivered in collaboration with over 50 partner companies and EURES Advisers from several European nations. This meant that the event could also explain the large amount of mobility opportunities available.

The career day was divided into different sections to best display the range of services available. A plenary introduced the main events of the day, which included a recruiting segment where candidates could sit for job interviews, company presentations, and in-depth information sessions on the labour market.

One attendee emphasised the importance of career fairs for young people. She said: ”We have the opportunity to meet businesses even before graduating, and before we dive into the employment world. If it wasn’t for the career day, I would never have had this opportunity.”

The event proved to be a success, with event organiser, Anna Bongiovanni commenting that “We had many visitors, between curious students and young professionals very interested and determined to work in another EU country.”

Despite the strong interest in free movement from the attendees, an eye-opening moment proved that out of the 70 plus people in attendance, most were not aware of the breadth of mobility opportunities available. 

In a presentation dedicated to freedom of movement, EURES highlighted the opportunities young Italians have access to, including work placements and internships with the partner organisations present. These detailed presentations explained aspects of the labour market, as well as where the vacancies in each country are located.

EURES Advisers were present on campus throughout the event, and were available to offer more advice on mobility in their countries. These representatives from Portugal, Finland, the Czech Republic, and the Netherlands provided interested candidates with information and material for internships and work opportunities in their respective countries. These were followed by ‘in-depth Sessions’ about living and working abroad.

As well as the sessions on job mobility, another highlight came from the alliance between the organisers and companies in attendance. “The most beautiful part of the event”, says Bongiovanni, “was that of collaboration of our network”. Indeed, Bongiovanni says that any career event involving EURES allows Advisers the opportunity to share expertise and knowledge. 

A fruitful work meeting between EURES representatives from Italy and Portugal also led to a promise of future shared initiatives and co-operation. The participation of EURES and the PES of the Abruzzo region facilitated the meeting between employers and public employment services, hopefully leading to many more job opportunities as a result.

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