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EURES helps Croatian university graduate build career abroad

When Veno Bojanovsky decided he wanted to broaden his horizons, he contacted EURES who helped him make plans to experience a different culture while developing his career prospects.

Initially, Veno was unsure where to start, so he registered with the EURES Job Mobility Portal and spoke to Advisers who were able to advise and help him start his journey. Veno explains that “EURES provided answers to all the questions I had about moving and finding opportunities elsewhere in the EU. They had the relevant documentation and could provide informed opinions, knowing the experiences and fortunes others have had in similar situations.”

After consulting with EURES Advisers, Veno successfully arranged to relocate from Croatia to live and work in Ireland. He says: “My work experience in my chosen field prior to moving to Ireland was limited to student practices and internships. I didn’t have any significant international experience and I felt like that was something I was lacking.

Since first moving to Ireland back in 2015, Veno has since gained valuable experience and a new set of skills. “The job I had in Ireland also led to further university studies in Northern Ireland and opportunities to travel, which were the sort of experiences I was aiming for.

“I learned how to properly conduct research. I worked in R&D [research and development] for a number of projects and conducted, wrote and published a research paper with my academic supervisors from Ulster University, which I got to present at a conference in the US.

“I gained a much greater insight into business and management, but also for the first time, I became really aware of the value of an entrepreneurial spirit. This is in part due to cultural differences, as this is something that is generally less pronounced in Croatia.”

Veno’s time in Ireland has given him an appetite for experiencing life and work in different countries. He is now exploring another potential move with the support of EURES. He adds: “I hope to find opportunities to further develop both my data science and business skills and later perhaps try my hand at starting and running a business or two of my own.”

When asked what he might say to others considering living and working abroad, Veno says: “The good people at EURES might just help you find the opportunity you’ve been looking for, and they’ll make sure you know what to do when you get where you want to be.”

Over the past 25 years, EURES has helped millions of jobseekers. Spread across 32 countries in Europe, EURES has many schemes and services that can help Europeans find the perfect opportunity. In the first 10 months of 2019, an astonishing 29,290,659 jobs were advertised on the EURES Job Mobility Portal, more than 4000 per hour.

Register on the EURES portal today to find the perfect job to match your skills.


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