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EURES event in Rome celebrates successful completion of European Solidarity Corps initiative

Back in 2017, the European Union introduced an initiative to create opportunities for young people to work or volunteer in projects around Europe that focus on benefiting both communities and people.

The European Solidarity Corps initiative ended this September after a final dissemination event organised by EURES Italy with the other partners and associate members of the project in Rome. Present at the event was Bernadette Greco, EURES Adviser from Regione Puglia, who also provided advice as part of the European Solidarity Corps initiative. Bernadette shares her experience of being at the event and how that has benefited EURES.

Completion of this initiative coincides with the 25th anniversary of EURES and is one of the key achievements being celebrated throughout the landmark occasion.

Bernadette said: “The event was a great opportunity for the EURES Advisers to network and meet relevant beneficiaries.

“It was a new, challenging experience because it gave us the possibility to become familiar with new job profiles, competences and human resources planning in third sector organisations which provide ’solidarity’ services.”

EURES also invited four jobseekers and an employer from Puglia, Associazione INCO who, for the first time in his professional life, awarded a paid traineeship contract to a Spanish girl, Cristina.

The European Solidarity Corps campaign was one of the Targeted Mobility Schemes (TMS) that EURES has been involved in, specifically in France and Italy.

This initiative was enacted six months after President Jean-Claude Juncker’s State of the Union speech in December 2016. This speech highlighted the importance of investing in youth and jobseekers. This links to the EURES vision and service offering. Bernadette added: “The European Solidarity Corps has provided the EURES network with new employer stakeholders in the form of social sector organisations, non-government organisations, institutions and associations. This has meant that EURES Advisers are empowered to provide more services to jobseekers to enable job mobility across Europe.”

Projects that are part of the initiative were available to individuals between the ages of 18-30 and lasted from two to twelve months depending on the project. The initiative invited the selected participants to join a wide range of projects ranging from helping to prevent natural disasters, addressing various social issues in communities to assisting in centres for asylum seekers.

In addition to the event insight, Bernadette, was able to share the benefits of the PASS portal which enables EURES Advisers to use the new Candidate Search to discover new professions and skills, that could potentially impact the EURES service offering in a very positive way in the future.


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