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Conference celebrates 15 years of EURES supporting jobseekers and employers in Poland

The 25th anniversary of EURES also marks 15 years since Poland joined the EURES network back in 2004. To celebrate this, the Regional Labour Office in Poznań organized the ’25th EURES Anniversary in the EU / 15th EURES Anniversary in Poland’ Conference.

The conference summarised EURES activities in Poland and in the Wielkopolskie Voivodeship (Greater Poland) in the past 15 years.

During this time, the Regional Labour Office in Poznań were active in seeking opportunities to give citizens of the region the opportunity to work and gain experience in other EU countries.

In more recent years, the domestic labour market in Poland and the Wielkopolskie Voivodeship has changed significantly, and there is now a much higher demand for employees. EURES has worked alongside employers and jobseekers to encourage workers from other EU countries to travel to Poland to fill the roles, as well as encouraging previous Polish nationals to return.

One of the key examples of how EURES encouraged this was through European Job Days. These events are aimed at both jobseekers and employers and seek to match candidates with relevant opportunities.

EURES Adviser Katarzyna Kawka-Kopeć said: “The conference was a great opportunity to celebrate the achievements of EURES in Poland over the last 15 years, as well as celebrating the 25th anniversary of EURES overall.

“The highlight of the event was the award ceremony, which celebrated some of the most remarkable EURES activities carried out by local labour market stakeholders in the last 15 years.” This part of the conference included speeches by representatives from The Voluntary Labour Corps and Poviat Labour Office in Poznań.

Attendees heard from a number of previous jobseekers who benefitted from EURES support. Katarzyna added: “We heard from an animator who travelled to Spain to gain experience and build his career and saw two short films from Polish workers, who outlined how they benefitted from the advice of EURES Advisers’.

“It was inspirational to hear about how the work we do has had such an impact on people’s lives.”


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