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Is this the key to European mobility? – Denmark’s strategy focuses on family focused opportunities

Moving to another European Member State to find work is becoming increasingly common thanks in part to the opportunities presented by the EURES network. However, typically, a career move is driven by one person’s desire to find a better job. Lesser emphasis is placed on the opportunities for spouses and other partners.

A solution to this long-standing problem emerged in Denmark. Between 2013 and 2017, the public employment service Workindenmark offered a programme that encouraged spouses to settle in their adopted home. The programme aimed to increase their cultural understanding of the work environment and offer practical career help tailored to their circumstances.


Proudly advancing the cause of freedom of movement

EURES Adviser Gert Peuliche is a proud advocate of the project. He said: “We thought innovatively to increase the employment prospects and general well-being of the partners of the recently arrived employees.

“While we gave tips on how to conduct job searches and helped with interview skills, we believe that it’s important to fully understand Danish workplace culture. We achieved this through cultural training and organising company visits. This improved understanding led people to find meaningful careers, rather than just obtaining a source of income.”


Enabling spouses to participate in work and society

The spouse course offered by Workindenmark was a 6-month long development package. Skills imparted included the latest job-finding techniques, such as using the popular 'LinkedIn' professional networking website to find employment opportunities. Alongside traditional activities such as highlighting job adverts and helping with CV targeting, Workindenmark also offered information on salary subsidies and obtaining internships.

“Denmark is an egalitarian country. This is reflected in Danish businesses which are very teamwork- and consensus-oriented. Managers are rarely strict authority figures. We also have more women in senior positions than in other countries. We felt it important to share these cultural distinctions,” said Gert.


EURES – Supporting European labour market integration

Freedom of movement means citizens can move to any EU Member State, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland to look for and take up a job.  The Danish programme has made a powerful contribution to underpinning and extending the principle.

The spouse programme from Workindenmark existed as part of the services of the EURES network. EURES, which is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary, supports jobseekers and employers to use their free movement rights.


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