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The important role of trust in delivering effective career support

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of EURES, the network is showcasing its continuous growth and achievements. In all her years working with EURES, Martina Vidaković has been building relationships with both jobseekers and employers in Croatia. She explains the important role trust has played in allowing them to continue offering high-quality service.

“One of the most rewarding things about working with EURES is seeing the trust that clients have in our competences, information and support” says Martina.

Within EURES, each relationship is created based on the individual client. Martina explains that “There is never a universal formula that can be applied to everyone,

“EURES always considers several factors when working with jobseekers. Some of these factors depend on the client, some depend on the EURES knowledge about mobility and labour markets, but some depend on knowing just the right person that can help you deliver the best support.”

The EURES portal provides a lot of advice for jobseekers who wish to work in cross-border regions. “At times there are jobseekers who might not have the language skills or correct education for the country they wish to move to. However, EURES provides support and advice enabling them to get the full information when conducting their job search.” In some cases, this is best provided through the EURES portal.

By signing up to the EURES portal, jobseekers can receive information, guidance and other support services directly from EURES Advisers. The portal also allows people seeking employment to access key information in the EU Member States on living and working conditions such as tax and health insurance.

EURES is also able to deliver targeted mobility schemes which often enable Advisers to match jobseekers to their dream jobs in other countries. To deliver this effectively, it is important to build a trusting relationship with those seeking job opportunities to identify and provide them with the right experience. EURES Advisers have helped people find employment in countries across the EU and once the trusted relationship has been built, EURES often finds that these people come back to the network.

Martina pointed out that “Those that return often seek further advice and support should they wish to move elsewhere, return to the country they started in, or at times, they are willing to help and advise other people on their career journey.“

With the EURES network growing, EURES Advisers can liaise with each other to help jobseekers and employers around the world when looking for jobs within the EU. Martina added: “I strongly believe that building these trusted relationships helps us to provide high-quality services in order to match as many job vacancies to CVs on the portal as possible.” On the EURES portal, employers can search for the right candidate for their job once they have registered. With over 3,000,000 jobs, over 400,000 CVs and just under 1,000 Advisers, the EURES Job Mobility portal helps people every day. 

Within EURES, the sense of trust is paramount in the work and services offered. This also applies to the employers that partner with EURES across the EU. Offering dynamic recruitment events through the European (Online) job days platform, employers get to build a relationship with jobseekers firsthand, as well as experience ongoing post-recruitment training and support from EURES.

If you haven’t already, click here to register with the EURES portal to find out how it can help you.


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