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How three young Spaniards found opportunities abroad with EURES

As EURES celebrates its 25th anniversary, the network is taking the opportunity to recognise its successes over the past 25 years and to look ahead to the future. In this article, we look specifically at three success stories from EURES Spain.

Moving abroad was a big decision for nineteen-year-old Nerea Gomis Sanchez, who supports her family financially.

After school, Nerea trained as a carer for people with disabilities. Although she knew the job opportunities in this field were limited, she enjoyed the work and found it satisfying. “I applied to old people’s homes and institutions for people with disabilities, but didn’t even get a job interview,” she says.

Nerea found out about Your first EURES Job through her school. With practical advice and some financial support from EURES, she joined a language training programme in Alicante that collaborates with German employer Arbeiterwohlfahrt (AWO), a social services provider, before leaving to work for the AWO in Kassel, central Germany.

“The project with the AWO is exactly the right thing for me. I want to develop my career and I can do that here. And if you can work and earn enough money to live on, that's even better.”

Juan Carlos de la Cruz Pons, a chef from Menorca, wanted to work abroad to progress in his career. When two friends both sent him an opportunity to work in Sweden through EURES, he submitted his CV and received a response within a day. Juan Carlos was supported throughout the recruitment process by EURES Advisers and had his travel expenses paid. After a successful trial, Juan Carlos was offered a job in Stockholm and moved there within weeks.

After the job didn’t work out as planned, Juan Carlos contacted EURES. “The support was immediate,” he says. “They took note of the problem and proposed various solutions.” Juan Carlos decided to move to Germany, his partner’s native country. With support from EURES, he contacted the German International Placement Service (ZAV), and found a job as a sous-chef in Saarbrücken within two weeks.

Juan Carlos received valuable support from EURES Advisers across three countries. “Right now, I have a stable position and life in another country, and all this is thanks to all these people who made my trip and transition possible.”

Alejandra Franch, from Zaragoza, Spain wanted to be closer to her Dutch boyfriend, and so decided to leave her job as a photography teacher to move to the Netherlands.

“I went to the EURES office in Zaragoza to get some more information and assess my options,” she recalls. Alejandra was surprised to find out that as well as receiving personalised advice from EURES Advisers, she was also able to receive additional support through Reactivate, a job mobility scheme for jobseekers over the age of 35.

Alejandra received support to take a Dutch language course, and managed to find a job in an international laboratories company. She is pleased to have taken the step to find work abroad. “I am very happy in the Netherlands, and grateful,” she says. “I would encourage those who value going outside of Spain to visit their EURES office – they will find a human, professional team who are willing to help and give their best.”

These are just a few examples of what EURES Spain and other EURES offices have been doing for 25 years, and will continue to do, to support jobseekers and employers alike.


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