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Celebrating 25 years of success: EURES Denmark

As EURES celebrates its 25th anniversary, the network is taking the opportunity to recognise its successes over the past 25 years and to look ahead to the future. In this article, we look specifically at some of the achievements of EURES Denmark.

One area where EURES Denmark has showed innovation is in the provision of training opportunities. Searching for a job – particularly in another country – can be a challenging process. In early March 2018, the EURES Denmark team decided to help those looking to work in their country by launching the online ‘Make It Work in Denmark’ course.

Designed to provide insight, knowledge and tips relating to finding a job in Denmark, the e-learning course is presented in English and includes modules on job hunting in Denmark, contacting companies and succeeding in job interviews, using LinkedIn effectively and Danish workplace culture.

The content for these modules includes real-life stories from international individuals who found work in Denmark, interactive exercises, videos about different subjects and practical tasks. The course’s online nature means it can be accessed through mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Registration is open to all and operates on a rolling basis so that people can start the course when it suits them. The modules can also be completed in multiple sessions and revisited at any time, making the course a timeless resource for job hunters.


EURES Denmark’s aim is for 600 individuals to start the course each year.

Another aspect of EURES Denmark’s success lies in recruitment services. In 2014, EURES Denmark partnered with Blue Ocean Robotics, a global leader in the automation industry. The company, which creates robots that improve quality of life, working environments and productivity for humans, is based in Odense, Denmark, and struggles to fill its 3,000 engineering positions with local workers alone. With such a wide skills gap, EURES helps Blue Ocean Robotics to meet its recruitment needs.

For the past five years, Blue Ocean Robotics has enjoyed a close collaborative partnership with EURES Denmark’s national office (Work in Denmark), and has received assistance in sourcing suitable staff from across the EU. They now enjoy a multinational workforce, with 16 different nationalities represented.

Speaking of their work with EURES, Rikke Voldsgaard Risager, Vice President of Human Resources & Internal Services at Blue Ocean Robotics, says, “they are very professional and skilled people, with a fantastic understanding of how to give super service to companies.”

“In Denmark they kind of come as a package, so to speak,” she adds. “They help out with the recruitment and the settlement of new employees. I would highly recommend them to other employers.”

According to EURES Adviser Sven Michael, “the key to a good relationship with employers such as Blue Ocean Robotics is, without a doubt, to maintain open and honest dialogue with the employers about their recruitment challenges and employment needs.”

“Communicating about the information and the services we offer in a straightforward way [is also key],” he added, “so that both parties have a clear and mutual understanding about what to expect from the cooperation.”

These are just two examples of what EURES Denmark has been doing to support jobseekers and employers alike over the last few years, and will continue to do going forward.


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