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Having a successful career doesn’t need to come at the expense of mental wellbeing and a fulfilling personal life. In fact, keeping a good work-life balance can considerably improve the quality of your work. To find out how to achieve this, read on.

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The European Year of Youth (EYY2022) is dedicated to ensuring young Europeans have more and better opportunities. In this article – the latest in our EYY2022 series – we look at useful resources to support young people interested in working abroad.

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Modern working life involves coping with lots of potential distractions. Sometimes, it can feel impossible to get anything done. In this article, we’ll share some of our tips to help you stay focused and be more productive at work.

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Technological development is bringing us closer together than ever, allowing people to communicate across borders. As a result, language skills are in high demand. But which careers value them the most? Read on to find out.

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Whether you have had many job interviews or you are just starting in the world of work, here at EURES we have prepared a few useful tips to help you improve your employability.

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As an employee, it is good to be aware of your organisation’s carbon footprint. In particular, if you are a young person starting your career, you may be able to bring new perspectives and change outdated practices. Here are some tips to help you!

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Creating a positive working culture can help you retain existing employees and also attract new ones. If you want to stand out as a great employer among your competitors, consider these highly sought-after qualities.