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Young Slovakian couple find opportunity in the Netherlands

French accountant finds new challenge in the Netherlands with Your first EURES job

Going Dutch: tips for working in the Netherlands

Targeted recruitment drive helps two Dutch teachers find jobs in Sweden with EURES

‘It was on my first vacation in Sweden that I fell in love with that country,’ says Kirsten van Agthoven. ‘I already wanted to move to Sweden as a 10-year-old child. It was the nature I really loved. It was so different to my own country.’



Another happy beneficiary shares her story with EURES Spain

In November 2018, we published an article about Juan Carlos, a EURES beneficiary who shared his story on EURES Spain’s Facebook page. In December, Alejandra Franch from Zaragoza was the latest EURES beneficiary to share her experience on the social networking site. Here is Alejandra’s story.



The flex factor: temporary contracts on the rise in the Netherlands

Flexible working is growing in popularity in the Netherlands, offering young jobseekers a foot in the labour market and reducing the risk for employers.



Start-up success stories in Europe: across the decades

How to get the most out of Drop’pin@EURES: organisations

What insight can an adviser with almost 30 years’ experience offer you?

For almost 30 years Cindy Sijmonsma has been ready to give advice on finding work in any sector, anywhere. Cindy is a prime example of a EURES adviser, dedicated, motivated and always ready to help people find their way in a new environment. ‘Culture is about so much more than books and music' she says. ‘It is about how we eat at lunch breaks, how we communicate.'



Young Spanish dentists make the move to the Netherlands

A friendly conversation between a Dutchman living in Spain and a EURES adviser back in the Netherlands was the start of a pilot project launched in 2014, to help young Spanish dentists to work in the Netherlands. Six months later, with the help of Your first EURES job, 12 graduates took up the opportunity to move from Spain to the Netherlands. This year the number will climb to around 40.




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