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How to prepare for your move abroad

My EURES story: Javier Cordero

Salary negotiation: Where should I start?

Another happy beneficiary shares her story with EURES Spain

In November 2018, we published an article about Juan Carlos, a EURES beneficiary who shared his story on EURES Spain’s Facebook page. In December, Alejandra Franch from Zaragoza was the latest EURES beneficiary to share her experience on the social networking site. Here is Alejandra’s story.



Five reasons why you should dare to work abroad

Working abroad is a very challenging professional and personal experience. While some people seem to be born to travel, it can be a scary thought for others. But overcome that fear and uncertainty, and you’ll find there are lots of great reasons to make the decision…



Your first EURES job helps young Portuguese pharmacists to find work in Scandinavia

The pharmaceutical industry in Sweden was transformed in 2009, when a re-regulation of the state-monopolised market opened it up to the private sector.



Happy expats share their Big Danish Moment

Croatian handyman finds career as an engineer in Germany thanks to Your first EURES Job

Goran Marinovic’s route into precision engineering was not a typical one. In his native Croatia, he drifted between various different jobs – as a plumber, a salesman, a promoter, and even leading workshops at an aquarium.



Germany needed care sector workers… so Cristina got on a plane

Spanish nursing assistant Cristina Cañadas Pequin had to find work fast. Her temporary contract had just ended and local opportunities were scarce. By applying for an apprenticeship in Germany through the Your first EURES Job (YfEJ) scheme, she finally found the position she had been looking for.



Danish company recruiting success with EURES


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