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Five key questions for your COVID-19 returning to work survey

Bike mechanic enjoys new opportunities in Norway

Your first EURES job helps young Portuguese pharmacists to find work in Scandinavia

The pharmaceutical industry in Sweden was transformed in 2009, when a re-regulation of the state-monopolised market opened it up to the private sector.



Hotel in Germany fills urgent vacancies with the help of EURES

For businesses in tourism and hospitality, it’s more important than ever to find staff from abroad to fill vacancies. However, small and medium-sized enterprises don’t always have the resources or networks at their disposal to handle international recruitment.



Craft beer brewery in Norway gets support to train Italian employee through EURES

A small craft brewery that prides itself on its traditional approach is happy to welcome a young Italian whose experience back home makes her a perfect fit for Kinn Bryggeri's needs. Support from the Your First EURES Job scheme (YfEJ) is helping this small business to train their newest member of staff.



Norway’s oil and gas sector hard hit – EURES Denmark on hand to help some find new work

Many highly qualified engineers whose skills have been vital to the success of Norway’s oil and gas sector are being made redundant due to historically low prices. But new horizons are opening up for some as EURES Denmark helps them find work in new sectors, including wind energy.



Career going from strength to strength for French woman in Norway

Camille Bruneval’s decision to up sticks and move to Norway was down to her love of the country’s way of life and natural environment. The 25-year-old had dreamed of moving to the country since she was little. But even she is surprised at how well her career and social life are developing now she has settled in Oslo.



Spanish jobseekers quick to check out job opportunities at Spanish-Nordic Job Day

The Job Day held in Madrid, 16 December, brought recruiters from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Estonia to Spain to meet people interested in moving to northern Europe. Nearly 800 people registered to take part in the event which hosted 24 exhibitors, including three employers who were recruiting on site.



Where love meets chocolate on the edge of a Norwegian fjord

Holiday romances don’t usually change the direction your life takes. But when Bengt Dahlberg from Sweden took a trip to Norway’s Geiranger Fjord and fell in love, he decided he would do what he could to stay. The result is a handmade chocolate workshop and café on the side of one of the most spectacular fjords in the world.



Portuguese healthcare professionals take their skills to northern Norway

For one young couple from Lisbon, a new life in Norway began with targeted language training. Today they are working as a laboratory analyst and a pharmacist in a town close to the Arctic Circle, and have an almost two-year-old daughter who is fast becoming bilingual




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