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Vlog: José finds work in Sweden thanks to Reactivate

The right chemistry: Italian pharma specialist feels at home in Sweden

Estonian environment specialist enjoys new life in Gothenburg

Merit Kaal from Estonia is broadening her horizons with a new job in Sweden – and encourages other jobseekers to give working abroad a try, too.



Sweden invites Greek health specialists to move north

A successful employment concept is encouraging healthcare workers to swap Greece for Sweden. The biannual Swedish Week is held in Athens and Thessaloniki, with the latest edition taking place last month, and cooperation between the two countries goes back a long way.



Fortune favours the brave: the story of one Romanian car dealer in Sweden

There is never a bad time to reboot your career in a foreign country. At any rate, Nicolae Cazanescu seems to think so. When his 17-year career in dealing cars needed a fresh coat of paint, he turned to EURES Romania to help him tailor his international job search. And within the space of just 2 months, he already has a story to share.



Helping young Swedes build a career in Danish hospitality

Swedish trainees wanting to get into the Danish hospitality sector have been given a boost thanks to a two-week course, set up through EURES cross-border cooperation in the Øresund region. It was run as a pilot study to ensure a close link between what was taught at the course and the employer´s expressed needs




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