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Helping Europe to embrace the latest technologies

3D printing is a rapidly growing industry, offering more jobs and opportunities each year. To take advantage of these opportunities, people need the right skills and knowledge. That’s where projects like 3D-Help come in.



A new life in Lithuania

How to get the most out of Drop’pin@EURES: organisations

From jobseeker to entrepreneur - Youth Guarantee helps Lithuanian woman pursue her dreams

Goda Tokerės has always been clear in her ambition to pursue a career in the creative arts. What hasn’t been so clear was how to gain the skills and knowledge needed to get there.



Quality and quantity on offer at Slovakian jobs fair

Glowing new job prospects for artists that light up our cities

With a ‘light artist’ business card, you’ll get compliments galore but may struggle to find a steady job. Yet the future’s looking brighter for several of this niche sector’s top artists, after pitching their talents to potential employers gathered in Stockholm at the express invitation of EURES.



Fast-track training for your first digital skills job

Combine new technical skills with key ‘soft skills’ and you’ve got a greater chance of finding and keeping a job. That’s the thinking behind FIT4Jobs, an Irish training-for-employment initiative just tested successfully in five other EU countries.



Internships beckon for some lucky medical students

Learn new ways of doing things, get practical experience, brush up on your English and get paid for doing so. EURES Lithuania has teamed up with Jark Healthcare, an employment agency, to enable some medical students to get summer internships in the UK that could put them ahead of the game when it comes to building a career.



For a family business depending on seasonal recruitment, EURES has been a vital ally

When Swedish couple Kenneth and Birgit Andersson took over the family strawberry farm back in 1991 and it is the foreign pickers who keep the business viable. But recruiting overseas workers was expensive and time consuming not to mention the complications of a language barrier. To get help to overcome these and other barriers, the Anderssons turned to EURES for help.



Lithuanian construction firm fills vacancies quickly and easily thanks to support from EURES

The construction firm Projektana, based in Kaunas, Lithuania, is doing very well despite operating in a difficult economic climate. Their core work is laying foundations at construction sites in Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus and Russia. But the amount of work coming in means they frequently have to take on staff and need to look further afield for the required skills profiles. Projektana is clear about the benefit of hiring through the EURES network.




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