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EURES Germany: Supporting jobseekers and employers across the country and beyond

Finland: A land of dramatic landscapes, rich culture and exciting employment opportunities!

Meeting Point Jobs Fair in Pordenone Gave Job Opportunities to Jobseekers from Denmark, Malta and Sweden

EURES member organisations make free movement a reality for healthcare workers

Bike mechanic enjoys new opportunities in Norway

On the road with EURES Finland

Top 10 articles in 2018

‘Speed dating’ interviews in Madrid: EURES Spain and EURES Sweden team up to create opportunities in the catering industry

Earlier this year, EURES Spain and EURES Sweden collaborated on the third edition of an innovative ‘speed dating’ event for the catering industry. The event was the latest in a number organised as part of the ‘Chefs in Sweden’ project.



EURES Slovakia and Deutsche Post partnership leads to work for Slovak 15 students in Germany

From Ireland to Croatia and back again: how EURES helps big businesses fill international roles


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