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EURES opportunities: What you need to know

Four things you should know about seasonal work in 2021

How EURES can help you recruit new hires in Europe

How EURES can help you find a job in Europe

#EU4FairWork competition for workers and employers now open!

EURES Germany: Supporting jobseekers and employers across the country and beyond

Finland: A land of dramatic landscapes, rich culture and exciting employment opportunities!

The important role of trust in delivering effective career support

A EURES guide to working abroad

How does undeclared work in the EU affect you?

Undeclared work in the so-called ‘shadow economy’ makes up around 15% of Europe’s total economy. The EU is taking action against this through its ‘European Platform tackling undeclared work’. But what exactly is undeclared work, why is this platform important, and how can it help you as a worker in the EU?




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