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Helping Europe to embrace the latest technologies

3D printing is a rapidly growing industry, offering more jobs and opportunities each year. To take advantage of these opportunities, people need the right skills and knowledge. That’s where projects like 3D-Help come in.



Start-up success stories in Europe: across the decades

How to get the most out of Drop’pin@EURES: organisations

Polish jobseeker finds job satisfaction abroad

EURES Poland helps 26 jobseekers to find a job abroad

Quality and quantity on offer at Slovakian jobs fair

Proud and happy – Romanian has made a real success of his job abroad

Constantin Amariei decided to change the direction his life was taking in Romania and take up a job in the Czech Republic when he was 48. It was a big step to take but he felt confident that EURES had put forward a post for him that was real, ‘EURES doesn’t suggest any ‘grey’ companies’, he says.




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