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You want to work in Cyprus? A handy guide has got you covered from A to Z…

EURES member organisations make free movement a reality for healthcare workers

On the road with EURES Finland

One-Stop Shop means better access for cross-border jobseekers

Things are busy at EURES-T Upper Rhine. The office covers four regions spread across Germany, France and Switzerland, operates in French and German and serves nearly 100 000 cross-border workers. With such a large geographic area to cover – not to mention the many events, workshops and activities that are happening all the time – EURES Advisers have little time to spare. So to help speed things up EURES-T Upper Rhine launched a One-Stop Shop.



Finnish road trip spreads the EU labour mobility message to employers

Armed with a minibus and light refreshments, EURES Adviser Taina Tuovinen recently spent several days criss-crossing Satakunta, south-west Finland. The goal was to explain to local companies with foreign staff just how EURES Finland can support them, notably through Finnish/Swedish language courses.



Helping young Swedes build a career in Danish hospitality

Swedish trainees wanting to get into the Danish hospitality sector have been given a boost thanks to a two-week course, set up through EURES cross-border cooperation in the Øresund region. It was run as a pilot study to ensure a close link between what was taught at the course and the employer´s expressed needs



Norway’s oil and gas sector hard hit – EURES Denmark on hand to help some find new work

Many highly qualified engineers whose skills have been vital to the success of Norway’s oil and gas sector are being made redundant due to historically low prices. But new horizons are opening up for some as EURES Denmark helps them find work in new sectors, including wind energy.



Moving to Denmark for work? The Workindenmark's Spouse Programme will help your partner find a job too

You don’t need to put your career on hold if your spouse is moving to Denmark for work, as Tiago Silva found when his wife was recruited as a psychiatrist in a Danish hospital. He made the most of Workindenmark Spouse Programme which offers coaching and advice to help partners into employment.



Retiring EURES advisor on making your move a success

For 32 years Barbara Gorter-Zahuta has been matching people to opportunities, 15 of those years have been spent within the EURES network in the Netherlands. She retired in April and we caught up with her to look back on the changes she has seen and find out what it takes to make a new country your new home.



The ultimate guide to networking

Networking is all about building relationships, getting your name out there and accessing opportunities that you might not have come across during a standard online job search. There’s a lot to think about, particularly when it comes to actually attending a networking event, so we’ve broken the process down into three key steps to help you prepare, use your time wisely and get the most out of the experience.




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