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Polish medical student excels in Austria

The EURES network is full of opportunities for young people, ranging from internships and apprenticeships to full job positions across Europe. When a medical student from Poland was looking for job opportunities during a gap year, she turned to EURES for support.

Anna Chaszczowska is a 25-year old medical student who is about to enter her final year of studies at Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin, Poland. Her EURES journey began when she started looking for job opportunities abroad for her gap year.

“My main interest is definitely travelling,” Anna explains. “During my time at university I was trying to combine studying and my passion by doing internships in different countries. My main goal was to gain experience and improve my language skills.”

A friend put her in touch with Anna Uberman, a EURES Staff member at EURES Poland. “I met Anna Chaszczowska in my office, in January 2019,” Anna Uberman explains. “She was on leave from university and wanted to use the time to learn German, travel and earn some money.”

Anna Uberman started by exploring opportunities within Poland, before looking beyond the country. It was when she liaised with Gerhard Bogensberger from EURES Austria that she found what she’d been looking for. “We began cooperating with EURES Austria last year,” Anna shares. “We organise student internships for schools. Gerhard had an offer for a one-month internship at a hospital in Austria and I sent him Anna Chaszczowska’s CV.”

“Thanks to Anna Uberman’s extreme kindness and professionalism, I had managed to prepare the perfect CV and felt prepared for the whole recruitment process,” Anna Chaszczowska adds.

Gerhard was impressed with Anna’s credentials and he got in touch with the medical student immediately. “I then sent her details to the medical director of the state hospital in Tamsweg,” he says. “The director contacted Anna directly and, after a short interview, offered her the internship.”

Anna accepted the offer and quickly started to thrive in her new setting. “Thanks to the hospital staff’s help, I managed to find an apartment in a perfect location, a few minutes from the hospital. Also, three meals per day were provided for each intern, which I highly appreciated. It was a great chance to get to know the local cuisine!”

“Every day, I had the chance to see different operations that I could even assist with,” she says of the work. “I helped doctors in the operating room and ambulance.”

The internship began as one month, but quickly turned into two as Anna excelled. “The feedback from the employer was very positive,” Gerhard shares. “They were very satisfied with Anna’s work.”

And what are Anna’s thoughts on her time in Austria? “Now, a few months after my internship, I am very happy that I could take part in such a great project,” she enthuses. “I definitely improved my German skills and met some fantastic people. I am convinced that thanks to that, I’ve broadened my horizons and learned skills I wouldn’t have learnt in Poland.”

“The EURES network really works,” Anna Uberman concludes with a smile.


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