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Proud and happy – Romanian has made a real success of his job abroad


Constantin Amariei decided to change the direction his life was taking in Romania and take up a job in the Czech Republic when he was 48. It was a big step to take but he felt confident that EURES had put forward a post for him that was real, ‘EURES doesn’t suggest any ‘grey’ companies’, he says.

Now, 18 months after making his move in mid 2013, he has been promoted to foreman at Abydos, a family run iron foundry business, and now has training responsibilities. ‘I am a supervisor now, and train new workers in quality standards’ says Constantin, pictured left. ‘I am proud and happy when I look over what I have been able to achieve.’


Trust in the job offer is central to making the move

That issue of confidence in the job offer being put forward was central to Constantin's decision to move. He had worked for seven years in his home country as a polisher of steel parts and had a life and family in Botosani, Romania. But he felt he needed to improve his career chances and the job in the Czech Republic offered that chance.

I could trust EURES Adviser Gabriela Drobota, and EURES in general, to only identify jobs that were going to offer proper contracts,’ he explains.

Abydos is based in Hazlov western Bohemia. HR manager Martin Zaehrl explains the company employs 230 people and that EURES frequently helps them to find employees from Romania and Slovakia.

‘In our experience, the employees EURES helps us find are flexible and diligent. Constantin is a prime example, he is empathic and very loyal.’

He also refers to EURES’ trustworthiness. Employers looking for staff should consider their services, he feels, ‘There is no other way of offering vacancies in the national labour offices of other countries, for free – which is a major consideration. And employees seem to have more trust in the vacancies on offer through EURES than they may from classified advertisements placed elsewhere.’

Martin is glad to have EURES behind him as he works to keep his company successful in an increasingly competitive, challenging world, ‘The company has been running for 19 years, and with fair treatment of our workers, excellent quality products and support from EURES to find the best staff for our needs, I am optimistic about the future,’ he says.

For Constantin, the gamble he took in 2013 has paid off, and he credits the firm for making him feel at home. ‘Abydos already has workers from Romania, so I got a lot of support and quickly made new friends. I got also a lot of support and friendly help in the transitional phase, from our human resources and my shift leader. They did a lot of activities, also in out of work time, to help in the first months.’

And was learning the language a problem for Constantin? ‘I picked up Czech as I worked, people were patient and helpful and I now feel confident speaking the language.’


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