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Living and working in Austria made easier for newcomers thanks to practical brochure

If you are thinking of going to Austria to work then it’s worth taking a good look at EURES Austria’s new Living and Working brochure. With over 60 pages of useful facts and information covering all aspects of making a successful to Austria, the brochure is a must-read for anyone considering taking up residence.

If you are thinking of moving to Austria you might be asking yourself, ‘How do I go about renting an apartment?’,  ‘What is the tax situation?’,  ‘How do the schools work?’, ‘Will my qualification be recognised’, or even, ‘How do I go about bringing in my dog?’

If you want to orientate yourself once you have made the move, or if you are just wondering if Austria is the place for you, this brochure  can help you make informed decisions.

‘Our hope is that this will smooth the way for those coming here to work and help them get a better understanding of what is involved when it comes to making Austria their home,’ says Helmut Gerl, based in the country’s EURES national coordination office.

Living and Working in Austria is now in its 10th year of publication and Helmut says feedback from jobseekers, and those helping them into work, has been very positive.

The production cycle, involving updating the content, translation, layout, print for the updated version, starts in December of the year and ends by March. ‘Although the brochure requires a fair bit of work from our side, we are very glad to know that all the vital information and contact details anyone coming to Austria will need can be found in one place,’ adds Helmut.


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