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Dreaming big with EURES: The story of Gaëlle Delvaux

After getting her degree in Art History, Gaëlle, 31, decided to follow her passion for healthy cuisine and become a chef. Learn how our EURES Advisers helped Gaëlle to follow her dream and gain international experience in a prestigious Michelin-star restaurant.

Healthy food can save the world

When Gaëlle graduated from the Free University of Brussels, she did not know that she would soon embark on a culinary career path. The young woman had always had a passion for cooking, though. Before becoming a chef, she had cooked for small gatherings, like anniversaries, but her biggest motivation to prepare food came from her belief that food “can save the world.”

“The way we eat influences how we grow vegetables and how we treat the soil and the environment. I want to help people to eat local and seasonal food,” says Gaëlle.

Reach for the stars

When Gaëlle decided that she wanted to start a career as a chef, she knew how important it was for her to gain some international experience, and she did not hesitate to dream big.

“It was my dream to work in the world-known restaurant Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark. The restaurant is internationally famous and has two Michelin stars, so getting a job there was the ultimate sign of success for me.”

Getting help from EURES

That is when the young chef got in touch with the EURES Advisers at Actiris International − the international mobility department of the Public Employment Service for the Brussels region. Despite the help she received, Gaëlle still knew that her future was in her hands.

“My EURES Adviser was amazing, but I knew I was responsible for moving things forward. I contacted restaurants and booked interviews. Eventually, I was selected to do an internship in Noma.”

Gaëlle believes that she would not have been able to do her internship without the financial assistance of Actiris International. “Life in Denmark can be quite expensive. Thanks to the financial allowance I received from EURES I could keep my standard of living, which was very important for me.”

Nothing is impossible

Gaëlle now works as head chef in a restaurant in Paris. Looking back at her experience abroad, she says she has learnt a lot.

“One of the most important lessons I learnt was how to work well in a team, and how to share knowledge in good spirits. My creativity greatly improved. I’ve realised that things that used to appear impossible, non-feasible, or too complicated are now within my reach. I am also very proud of my CV, which is a lot more competitive now that I have international work experience.”


Do you want to start your own adventure abroad? Despite the pandemic, our EURES Advisers are standing by to give advice and support jobseekers in finding opportunities around Europe. Contact the EURES helpdesk to get started today.

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