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A brief contract abroad can help boost your CV


When Brenda van de Klundert graduated from the Haagse Hogeschool with a degree in European studies, she wanted to find work that would build on her new qualification and give her the chance to broaden her horizons. So she approached her EURES Adviser Peter de Leede based at Dordrecht, the Netherlands, to find out what opportunities there were abroad.

Peter takes up the story, ‘We published ClubMed advertisements and she came to see us about one.’ In the EURES office where Peter is based preselection for interviews is sometimes carried out. ‘We help ClubMed, and other employers, by preselecting candidates if there is a big recruitment drive and Brenda was a very clear candidate.’

In practice this meant checking her CV to make sure her profile matched the vacancies, inviting her to a recruitment day and following up her availability nearer the time to make sure she was still on board.

To help ClubMed with their decision, Peter asked candidates to compile a more personal CV, ‘As most jobseekers use a standard template from their Public Employment Services, we get them to put forward information that can help the recruiter get a more complete picture of the candidate,’ he explains.


Helping jobseekers maximise their recruitment chances

The recruitment day consisted of an initial presentation given by ClubMed to tell people more about the jobs available, the kind of duties they involve and what working for ClubMed actually entails. Personal interviews follow for those who still wish to continue with the application.

During the day Peter and his colleagues helped Brenda and the other candidates on site, answering their questions concerning the paperwork involved in working abroad and other practicalities.

After the event, Peter followed up how the day had gone for Brenda, checking that everything went to plan, that she was happy with process and had no remaining questions. ‘She told me she was very satisfied with the service we had given her, how the event was organised and the help she received.’


EURES offers jobseekers and recruiters alike a quick, effective service

Feedback like this for Peter, and for other members of the EURES team, is what the job is all about, ‘It really makes me feel good to be able to help people to find the job that is right for them and to enable them to achieve their goal of broadening their horizons and improving their chances on the job market,’ he says.

Certainly he and his colleagues did exactly that on the recruitment day, held last October. Some of the initial 16 people preselected for the event decided that the posts were not for them. Of those who stayed for the interview rounds, 6 candidates got jobs right away and 2 are on standby, having been told they need to work on their French.

Brenda, who recently returned from her stint as a receptionist in Switzerland, feels the experience she gained was useful, ‘She now has a very good job back in the Netherlands,’ Peter explains happily.


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