Az EURES az Ön országában

Az EURES a foglalkoztatási szolgálatok hálózata, amely valamennyi uniós országra, valamint Izlandra, Liechtensteinre, Norvégiára és Svájcra kiterjed.

Európai Koordinációs Iroda (ECO)

Európai szinten a hálózatot az Európai Bizottság Foglalkoztatás, Szociális Ügyek és Társadalmi Befogadás Főigazgatóságán belül létrehozott Európai Koordinációs Iroda koordinálja. Az ECO felelős az EURES-portál kezeléséért is.

Nemzeti koordinációs irodák (NCO)

Valamennyi ország létrehozott egy EURES Nemzeti Koordinációs Irodát, amely a tagok és partnerek nemzeti hálózatának koordinálásáért felel.

EURES-tagok és -partnerek

Az EURES-tagok és -partnerek az álláskeresők és a munkaadók számára nyújtanak szolgáltatásokat.

Az állami foglalkoztatási szolgálatok sajátos szerepet töltenek be, mivel EURES-tagként mindig részt vesznek a munkában és szolgáltatásokat nyújtanak. Más foglalkoztatási szolgálatok és szervezetek is nyújthatnak szolgáltatásokat az álláskeresők és a munkaadók számára EURES-tagként, illetve EURES-partnerként, az általuk kínált szolgáltatás jellegétől függően. Az EURES-tagok az EURES-szolgáltatások teljes választékát nyújtják, míg az EURES-partnerek korlátozottabb szolgáltatást nyújtanak a szervezet méretétől vagy az általa nyújtott egyéb szolgáltatások jellegétől függően.

Tekintse meg, kik ők és hogyan veheti fel a kapcsolatot velük: válassza kiaz egyik országot az alábbi listából.

Nemzeti koordinációs iroda

OAED (Manpower Employment Organisation/NCO)

OAED is the Greek Public Employment Service and it offers a wide range of services to employers and jobseekers, as well as to relevant stakeholders, on the following purposes:

- promoting employment through successful job matching and funding employment projects;
- supporting financially by paying benefits to the unemployed people and workers receiving reduced income;
- organising and implementing a dual system of vocational training;
- supporting lifelong learning;
- mapping the trends in the local labour market in order to provide solutions to the potential regional inequalities and deficiencies.

OAED performs its duties through local Employment Promotion Centres (118 all over Greece) in every major city in the mainland and on the islands, where the employees fulfil various tasks, among which the procedure for granting unemployment benefits and other allowances and the implementation of the funding programmes for the promotion of employment.

In addition, qualified Work Advisers orientated in the jobseekers and employers offer services in the field of guiding, counselling, recruiting and matching, respectively. The coordination of this network of local centres takes place both on a regional and on a national basis, the latter provided by the Headquarters in Alimos (Athens). The official research of the national labour market, with annual surveys and reports, as well as monthly statistics is conducted at the Headquarters, where is also located the National Coordination Office (NCO) of EURES Greece for the promotion of job mobility within EU through a network of qualified staff in the main centres of employment all over Greece.

OAED Headquarters
National Coordination Office (NCO)
Ethn. Antistaseos 8
EL-17456 Alimos
Athens, Greece
URLs: (Jobseekers) (Employers)


OAED (Hellenic Manpower Employment Organisation)

OAED is so far the unique member of the EURES network in Greece, with stations in the cities of Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Larissa, Rethymno, Chania, Herakleion, Kalamata, Ioannina, Corfu, Syros, Kavala, Katerini, Lamia, Corinth, Amynteo, Kozani, Kilkis, Serres, Drama, Komotini and Trikala.

EURES Advisers are trained specialists in the job market, whose aim is to provide information and advice to people seeking a job in Europe or to employers wishing to recruit personnel from one or more European countries. Both the provision of information and the work of EURES Advisers are supported by the developed network of EURES Assistants.

Type, purpose and expected results of the offered services
Our services are available to:
- Greek citizens and Citizens of EU / EFTA countries residing in Greece and interested in working in another EU / EFTA country,
- Greek citizens and Citizens of EU / EFTA countries residing in another country and interested in working in Greece,
- Employers operating legally in Greece and interested in hiring staff from another EU / EFTA country and vice versa.

Services to jobseekers:
- information about the EURES network, the living and working conditions in the EU countries, as well as the trends and special characteristics of the European labour markets;
- counselling and guidance, including CV drafting and improvement, as well as assistance in preparing and filing job applications;
- services in recruitment and matching;
- information about events (EOJD, information days, career days, general and special recruitment events);
- information and assistance about the Targeted Mobility Schemes;
- post-recruitment assistance, especially concerning information about administrative issues related to the relocation.

The expected results of our services to jobseekers are the acquisition of knowledge about living and working in Greece or another EU or EFTA Member State and support in finding a job in those countries.

Services to employers:
- information about the EURES network and the relevant possibilities;
- services in recruitment and matching, especially advertising and promoting job vacancies, organising general and special recruitment events, pre-selection through screening of the jobseekers’ CVs;
- information and assistance about the Targeted Mobility Schemes;
- cooperation with relevant stakeholders for the organisation of joint actions and projects.

The expected results of our services to employers are the acquisition of knowledge of the recruitment opportunities of personnel from other EU / EFTA Member States and support in finding EU / EFTA candidates for job vacancies offered by legally operating employers in Greece who are interested in hiring staff from another EU / EFTA country and vice versa.
Additional information is provided on the national website.

Method and languages of communication
You can contact the central e-mail address of EURES ( and submit your request to the support service.
For direct communication, we strongly encourage you to contact the local EURES Advisers and Assistants or use the direct chat line every Friday, 11:00-13:00 (CET). Available communication languages are Greek and English, unless the Adviser you are contacting speaks an additional language.

Applicable fees and payment methods
Our services are provided free of charge.

Applicable deadlines
In terms of our services, our response time is usually immediate but it depends on the nature and complexity of your request.
According to the Greek legislation (art. 4, Law 2016/99), public services are obliged to respond to the request of citizens or other entities without undue delay, but not later than 50 days. In some cases, the response time is longer and can take up to 60 days.

Ethn. Antistaseos 8
EL-17456 Alimos
Athens, Greece
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