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Studying, training or working abroad – what do I need to know?

One of the great things about being an EU citizen is that you have the freedom to move to any other Member State for work or study. It’s an attractive prospect and one that thousands of young people take advantage of every year in order to broaden their horizons. With this in mind, we’ve put together our top tips for when you’re thinking of taking the plunge and pursuing an opportunity abroad.

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Youth Guarantee scheme helps jobseeker land communications job

What is VET and why should it matter to me?

5 tips for making social media work for your organisation

Social media is a great tool for businesses, but just having a Facebook or Twitter account is no longer enough to make you stand out from the crowd. How you use social media is becoming increasingly linked with success, particularly with the increasing digitalisation of most target audiences.

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One-Stop Shop means better access for cross-border jobseekers

Things are busy at EURES-T Upper Rhine. The office covers four regions spread across Germany, France and Switzerland, operates in French and German and serves nearly 100 000 cross-border workers. With such a large geographic area to cover – not to mention the many events, workshops and activities that are happening all the time – EURES Advisers have little time to spare. So to help speed things up EURES-T Upper Rhine launched a One-Stop Shop.

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The Youth Guarantee in a nutshell

The Youth Guarantee is one of the key ways that the EU is helping to reduce youth unemployment. But how does it work and how can young people and businesses get involved? We have the answers below.

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Finnish road trip spreads the EU labour mobility message to employers

Armed with a minibus and light refreshments, EURES Adviser Taina Tuovinen recently spent several days criss-crossing Satakunta, south-west Finland. The goal was to explain to local companies with foreign staff just how EURES Finland can support them, notably through Finnish/Swedish language courses.

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How can businesses and organisations stay relevant in our fast-paced world?

The world is changing rapidly. The third industrial revolution, which began in the 1960s and saw electronics, IT and automated production become an integral part of our lives, has recently given way to a new age of technological advancements.

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Living and working in Austria made easier for newcomers thanks to practical brochure

If you are thinking of going to Austria to work then it’s worth taking a good look at EURES Austria’s new Living and Working brochure. With over 60 pages of useful facts and information covering all aspects of making a successful to Austria, the brochure is a must-read for anyone considering taking up residence.

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8 tips for online job hunting like a pro

The internet is an amazing tool when it comes to looking for a job. But it can also be confusing, with so much information and so many options making it difficult to know where to start. Before you know it, three hours have passed and you’re no closer to landing that dream job.

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"Focus on…" altanna a bhfuil sé mar aidhm acu eolas a chur ar fáil d'úsáideoirí na tairsí EURES ar ábhair reatha agus treochtaí chun díospóireacht a spreagadh. Ní gá go mbaineann na haltanna le dearcadh an Choimisiúin Eorpaigh.