Airteagail Nuachta

Estonian environment specialist enjoys new life in Gothenburg

5 great benefits of doing an internship

Jonna Dromberg (22) works as an intern for CupoNation Finland. Having just been offered an apprenticeship at the company, there’s no one better to list five great benefits of doing an internship…

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Coinnigh an Dáta Saor: An tSeachtain um Scileanna Gairme

Fógra do dhaoine ar mian leo tabhairt faoi ghairm mar phríomhchócaire taosráin, feidhmeannach díolacháin nó ríomhchláraitheoir. Is cuma cé acu atá tú ag tosú do ghairme nó ag iarraidh do ghairm a aistriú, aimsigh tuilleadh faisnéise faoin oiliúint a bheidh ag teastáil uait chun an post foirfe duit a fháil an fómhar seo – fiú mura mbíonn tú cinnte go fóill faoin gconair ba mhaith leat a leanúint.

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5 tips for streamlining your CV

CVs. Curriculum vitaes. Résumés. It doesn’t matter what you call them, they have one clear purpose: to promote you, your knowledge and your skills – and convince a recruiter that you’re worth interviewing. There are lots of schools of thought about what makes a perfect CV, what information you should include, what the structure should be… rather than re-tread old ground, we’re looking at some more overarching themes to help you streamline what you have.

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Are you looking for the adventure of a lifetime? Lapland is calling!

Are you looking for a new job, but not just any job? Perhaps you dream of a position with drama and adventure? Do you long for a work place that is just that little bit different, or unique? If this sounds like you, then read on!

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5 tips for creating a thriving workplace

The people you employ are the heart of your business or organisation. Whether you have two or two hundred, your staff members are the ones that drive the company forward and help you to achieve your goals. While staff satisfaction is sometimes tricky to balance against the needs and demands of a company – and you’re never going to be able to please everyone all of the time – we’ve put together some suggestions to help your workplace thrive…

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Your First EURES Job helps young Polish man get a piece of the action in Italy!

Maciej Słowikowski, a 25 year old Polish man was living and working as a head chef in a bustling bistro in the heart of London. That was, until he registered with EURES a few months ago and started the process of changing his life completely.

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‘Your first EURES Job’: What’s in it for young people?

Originally established in 2012 as a pilot programme, Your first EURES Job (YfEJ) is a targeted job mobility scheme that’s helping talented young EU job seekers to access opportunities being offered by businesses and organisations across Europe.

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EURES Poland helps 26 jobseekers to find a job abroad

‘Your first EURES Job’: What’s in it for organisations?


"Focus on…" altanna a bhfuil sé mar aidhm acu eolas a chur ar fáil d'úsáideoirí na tairsí EURES ar ábhair reatha agus treochtaí chun díospóireacht a spreagadh. Ní gá go mbaineann na haltanna le dearcadh an Choimisiúin Eorpaigh.