Bí páirteach i margadh fostaíochta EURES!

Aimsigh an t-iarrthóir is fearr laistigh de na 211,850 CV atá cláraithe in EURES agus bí feiceálach ar an margadh trí do phróifíl fhostóra EURES a chruthú.

For a family business depending on seasonal recruitment, EURES has been a vital ally

When Swedish couple Kenneth and Birgit Andersson took over the family strawberry farm back in 1991 and it is the foreign pickers who keep the business viable. But recruiting overseas workers was expensive and time consuming not to mention the complications of a language barrier. To get help to overcome these and other barriers, the Anderssons turned to EURES for help.

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"If you want people who are on your side, with good contacts in all the European countries and can really help you find work, for free, then knock on the door of a EURES adviser!"

Viola de Carlo, Italy