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Supporting jobseekers to find careers in their country of choice

EURES helps Croatian university graduate build career abroad

‘Nursing in the Netherlands’ job fair puts cultural integration in the spotlight

2019 marks the 25th year since EURES first began matching jobseekers with job opportunities. To celebrate this landmark, a number of events are taking place across Europe.

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Meeting Point Jobs Fair in Pordenone Gave Job Opportunities to Jobseekers from Denmark, Malta and Sweden

Is this the key to European mobility? – Denmark’s strategy focuses on family focused opportunities

The important role of trust in delivering effective career support

Conference celebrates 15 years of EURES supporting jobseekers and employers in Poland

EURES event in Rome celebrates successful completion of European Solidarity Corps initiative

GrensWerk event allows Dutch and German jobseekers to experience the workplace using virtual reality

EURES helps Croatian university graduate build career abroad

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