Your first EURES job

Are you...

  • a business or organisation registered in an EU Member State, Norway or Iceland?
  • looking to recruit young people with a specific profile and struggling to find them in your own country?
  • willing to hire workers, trainees or apprentices aged 18-35 from other EU Member States, Norway or Iceland?
  • able to provide on-the-job training and other support for the recruited candidates?

If so, then Your first EURES job could be the solution for you.

What's in it for my company?

Your first EURES job is a European Union job mobility scheme to help employers find qualified workers and to help young Europeans find a jo, traineeship or apprenticeship opportunity in another EU country, Norway or Iceland. It aims in particular to match hard to fill vacancies with motivated young candidates across Europe.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) may be able to apply for financial support to cover some of the training and integration costsfor the new employee, trainee or apprentice.

What about pay and conditions?

Employers have to pay a salary and social security or other benefits in accordance with the national labour law. They must also provide a written work contract of at least six months (for jobs or apprenticeships) or three months (for traineeships).

How can we take part?

The Your first EURES job guide sets out the conditions and rules governing participation.

Please find below the links to the lead employment services and their partner employment services offering the scheme. If your country does not yet offer these services or some country web links are not active, you can contact the lead employment services.

For more details, you can also consult the Your first EURES job list of employment services and their partners at EU level.