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EURES helps Croatian university graduate build career abroad

EURES helps Croatian university graduate build career abroad

“A new environment, new culture and new people”: EURES helps French jobseeker find work in Ireland

Thanks to the support she received from EURES, Florence Pernock from Normandy found a job with a French tour operator in Ireland. We spoke to Florence to hear about her Irish experience, her advice for other jobseekers interested in working abroad, and her future plans.



From Paris to Dublin: Juliette’s story

Juliette was working in Paris when she first came across EURES. For business school graduates in France, 90% of the relevant graduate jobs are based in Paris. Juliette was looking for a change and wanted to go abroad, and having already volunteered out of the country, she decided it was time to look for a job overseas.



From Ireland to Croatia and back again: how EURES helps big businesses fill international roles

Marriott International is one of the world’s premier hospitality companies, with a chain of more than 6,000 hotels in over 122 countries. With such a diverse customer base, there’s a real demand for multilingual employees and the Marriott is always on the lookout for talented new staff.



Start-up success stories in Europe: across the decades

How to get the most out of Drop’pin@EURES: organisations

Actiris International: a specialised department helping employers based abroad to recruit in Brussels

The international arm of the Brussels public employment service is making it easier for European employers to recruit the right people for the job.



ICT talent from all over Europe joined European Online Job Day in Ireland

Imagine for a moment that you are a jobseeker with a background in software/IT or business service skills looking to develop your career. Where would you go to search for new opportunities? It is probably not very likely that you would be browsing leaflets at a job fair. You would most probably be found carrying out most, if not all, of your research on Internet Almighty.



Fast-track training for your first digital skills job

Combine new technical skills with key ‘soft skills’ and you’ve got a greater chance of finding and keeping a job. That’s the thinking behind FIT4Jobs, an Irish training-for-employment initiative just tested successfully in five other EU countries.




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