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Going Dutch: tips for working in the Netherlands

Start-up success stories in Europe: across the decades

6 Microsoft Word tips to boost your efficiency

Youth Guarantee three years on – how is it doing?

The Youth Guarantee, and the Youth Unemployment Initiative that supports it, are two initiatives the EU put in place to help young adults into work, training or apprenticeships. Set up three years ago, the programmes, which are aimed at fighting youth unemployment in Europe, have helped millions of young people. But although the results are looking good, the European Commission is clear there is no place for complacency.



Young Italian bakes perfect pizzas 2 000 km from home

When opportunities come knocking it’s good to embrace them. Emanuel Cappelletti, freshly graduated from an Italian tourism and hospitality school, did just that. Today, with support from EURES, he is working in a Finnish pizzeria and loving every minute.



The best questions to ask when your interviewer turns the tables!

The part of an interview that many people dread is heralded by the question, ‘Is there anything you would like to ask us?’ This is your chance to stand out from the crowd so don’t let it phase you. Here are 5 good questions to make sure you shine.




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