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EURES helps Croatian university graduate build career abroad

The important role of trust in delivering effective career support

EURES helps Croatian university graduate build career abroad

Helping Europe to embrace the latest technologies

3D printing is a rapidly growing industry, offering more jobs and opportunities each year. To take advantage of these opportunities, people need the right skills and knowledge. That’s where projects like 3D-Help come in.



From Ireland to Croatia and back again: how EURES helps big businesses fill international roles

Croatian handyman finds career as an engineer in Germany thanks to Your first EURES Job

Goran Marinovic’s route into precision engineering was not a typical one. In his native Croatia, he drifted between various different jobs – as a plumber, a salesman, a promoter, and even leading workshops at an aquarium.



How to get the most out of Drop’pin@EURES: organisations

Summer in Croatia, winter in Austria: one jobseeker has made it work

With its magnificent coastline, Croatia is a popular tourist destination in summer – meaning qualified and experienced hospitality workers are in high demand.



Online job day sends French tour guide to Portuguese islands

Learning new cooking skills in one of the world’s most beautiful mountain ranges

Young chef Matej Kulas has nine seasons as a cook under his belt in Croatia, but opportunities are scarce and all too often positions are not secure. So he made the decision to look further afield to Austria and went along to a Job Fair organised by Dieter Müller, EURES adviser based in Vorarlberg, and the local Chamber of Commerce. He hasn't looked back since




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