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Returning to Poland? Let EURES help you

Conference celebrates 15 years of EURES supporting jobseekers and employers in Poland

Polish medical student excels in Austria

Bike mechanic enjoys new opportunities in Norway

How to get the most out of Drop’pin@EURES: organisations

Polish jobseeker finds job satisfaction abroad

Your First EURES Job helps young Polish man get a piece of the action in Italy!

Maciej Słowikowski, a 25 year old Polish man was living and working as a head chef in a bustling bistro in the heart of London. That was, until he registered with EURES a few months ago and started the process of changing his life completely.



EURES Poland helps 26 jobseekers to find a job abroad

Quality and quantity on offer at Slovakian jobs fair

Homecoming: Polish returnees’ lives made much easier

People have a natural tendency to travel, relocate and refresh. Let’s face it, being constantly active is one of the by-products of our increasingly globalised world. But at the same time, the opposite has recently begun to happen. Nowadays, it turns out, more and more Poles living abroad have started to make homecoming plans. With the tendency being to leave their homeland for greener pastures some 15 years ago, Poles are now looking for work back home. In the past, the question was why. Today, it’s now all about when…




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