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5 tips for when you’re starting your career

The benefits of volunteering

#EUmovers social media contest winners announced

Social media: A job hunting tool?

Over 2 billion people use social media every day to catch up with friends, share photos, watch funny videos… but it has other great uses, too. In this article, we explore why social media can be the perfect way to find a dream job.



Everything you need to know before attending a European (Online) Job Day

Salary negotiation: Where should I start?

Five reasons why you should dare to work abroad

Working abroad is a very challenging professional and personal experience. While some people seem to be born to travel, it can be a scary thought for others. But overcome that fear and uncertainty, and you’ll find there are lots of great reasons to make the decision…



What skills are companies looking for in 2019?

Vlog: José finds work in Sweden thanks to Reactivate

Skills for Jobs: How to get the most out of the OECD’s database


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