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Happy expats share their Big Danish Moment

E-learning course ‘makes it work’ in Denmark

The EURES Denmark team has created an e-learning course to help jobseekers find work in the Scandinavian country.



Start-up success stories in Europe: across the decades

Danish company recruiting success with EURES

The personal touch: Real stories of making it work in Denmark

Workindenmark has produced a new booklet compiling a number of personal success stories of people who made the bold move to live and work in Denmark.



How to get the most out of Drop’pin@EURES: organisations

Helping young Swedes build a career in Danish hospitality

Swedish trainees wanting to get into the Danish hospitality sector have been given a boost thanks to a two-week course, set up through EURES cross-border cooperation in the Øresund region. It was run as a pilot study to ensure a close link between what was taught at the course and the employer´s expressed needs



Latest recruitment challenge for one Spanish EURES Adviser – bio scientists for Danish company

While Spanish EURES Adviser Manuel Zazo Cardeñosa knows how to help spot a good cow-milker, he can also turn his hand to identifying which applicants to invite to meet the representatives of Denmark’s largest healthcare companies Novo Nordisk. Whatever the recruitment requirements of the companies who consult EURES, the advisers will do their best to meet their needs.



Life science LinkedIn group bridges Scandinavian talent gap

One thousand highly paid jobs in life science are available today in the Oresund Region, in Sweden and Denmark. One of the best ways you can land such a job is to join a special LinkedIn group, supported and managed by EURES Oresund a cross-border partnership.




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