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Five key questions for your COVID-19 returning to work survey

It’s never too late to reskill and work abroad: The story of Eddy Bomboko

Dreaming big with EURES: The story of Gaëlle Delvaux

Working abroad during a pandemic: The story of a Belgian chef in Finland

Looking for a job abroad during a pandemic? Amandine’s experience shows it is possible

Amandine had always wanted to work abroad. In early 2020, the Belgian jobseeker started a traineeship in Madrid. But soon, the COVID-19 pandemic meant she had to return home. Despite this, Amandine tried again and found a new professional opportunity in Valencia.



New one-stop shop for personal career advice opens in Brussels

How to get the most out of Drop’pin@EURES: organisations

Actiris International: a specialised department helping employers based abroad to recruit in Brussels

The international arm of the Brussels public employment service is making it easier for European employers to recruit the right people for the job.



Actiris spreading the good news of Your First EURES Job in Brussels

In December 2016, EURES collaborators at Actiris took to the streets of Brussels to promote the job mobility programme, Your First EURES Job (YFEJ). Actiris International is the international arm of the Brussels Public Employment Service, Actiris, who are one of the partners supporting the EURES endeavour.



Would-be young entrepreneurs getting support online, face-to-face and in tailored workshops

Tempted to work for yourself? Check out I-LINC, a digital skills website packed with practical tips and a supportive community to help you take your first self-employment steps. Or take inspiration from Finland EURES’ entrepreneurship focus and the nation’s growing network of young entrepreneurs.




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