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Webinars helps people target their CV and covering letters to the Swedish job market


If you are attracted to the idea of working in a country with a beautiful, natural environment, a healthy recognition of work/life balance and a rich tradition of art and design then Sweden might just be the place for you.

To help you make the move, the Swedish public employment service has put a webinar online. Broadcast in September, the webinar informs people on the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ of applying for jobs in Sweden and, at the end of November, had been seen 799 times.

‘We wanted to reach people who want to work in Sweden as we do have a shortage in many areas,’ says Priya Eklund (pictured center). ‘We already have a webinar called Your Future, which gives information about the labour market (mainly aimed at newcomers to Sweden). The webinar about CVs was taking it one step further by giving the viewers information on how to apply in a culturally appropriate manner.’

The webinar How to write a cover letter and CV that works in Sweden is one hour long and was broadcast live. A question and answer session rounded up the broadcast. ‘Applications are different from country to country and we wanted to highlight what works in Sweden, and what Swedish employers expect to find in your covering letter and CV,’ says Priya.

Another webinar, held on 16 November, called Nail the job interview took the process of getting into work one step further and set out the culturally appropriate approach to handing an interview. Helpful advice includes how to handle that tricky moment when your interviewer asks if you have any questions. ‘If you are stuck for a question, turn the tables and ask them what they like about working for the company,’ is one  solution the webinar offers.


Get a better idea of opportunities in Sweden

Sweden now plans to broadcast more webinars for 2017 as well as producing film on various aspects of living and working in Sweden.

‘We think these tutorials will shorten the time between the advertisement of a vacancies and finding the right employee as people can prepare themselves more effectively,’ says Assistant National Coordinator of EURES Sweden, Mikael Lindbom.

He points out that the webinars form part of suite of online information from EURES Sweden. ‘Our EURES Facebook page has more then 12 000 likes. It talks to anyone interested in working in Sweden and offers a great way to let people know of upcoming recruitment activities like European Online Job Days and more.’

EURES Sweden is also finding social media is a great way of targeting specific vacancies that could otherwise be lost amongst thousands of others on the public employment service websites.


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