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EURES Germany: Supporting jobseekers and employers across the country and beyond

Looking to move to Germany and find work? Or maybe you run a German-based business that could benefit from some international employees? Whatever your situation, EURES Germany is here to help.

What kind of support can jobseekers receive from EURES Germany?

EURES Germany has a lot of experience in providing cross-border service to people living in one country and working in another. We also offer a great service for all interested jobseekers from all over Europe, which includes a text chat, a hotline, webinars and European Online Job Days. You can reach EURES Germany Advisers through the EURES portal and on the Make it in Germany website.


What about employers?

German employers can register their vacancies on the EURES portal. Our EURES Advisers help employers to take part in online and offline recruitment, while we also provide support for targeted mobility schemes.


Why do you think people should come and work in Germany? What can the country offer?

Research shows that employee satisfaction is pretty high in Germany and the country is one of the most popular immigration destinations in the world. There are also a range of job opportunities in different industries and for a broad range of qualification levels (e.g. in healthcare, logistics, IT, hotels and construction).

As stated on the Make it in Germany website: “Germany can lay claim to a host of social achievements, and these are prized by many people, irrespective of gender, age, or origin. Such achievements include the country’s political and economic stability, its caring society with a range of social safety nets, its respect for freedom of opinion and religion, its system of comprehensive and affordable healthcare, its maintenance of the rule of law, the powerful role played by nongovernmental organisations and trade unions, and the great importance attached to education”.


And employers? What benefits does an international employee bring to a company?

International employees can help to fill skills gaps and labour shortages. They also offer language skills, cultural competencies, new thinking and a new perspective. In addition, they bring new ways of solving problems and can help your company to address new target groups in other countries.


You recently filmed a couple of videos featuring EURES Advisers from across Germany. Could you tell us what inspired these?

We were inspired by the #EURES25 campaign, which has been celebrating the recent 25th birthday of EURES. We wanted to contribute to it with a message from Germany that spread awareness of the services all our Members and Partners offer.

The key message of EURES is “we are here for you when you need advice about job mobility in Europe” and that has the most impact wen it comes from the mouths of real EURES Advisers. During a recent conference, we were altogether and it was the perfect moment to film the videos.


Why choose video as a format?

Video gives a vivid impression and it allows jobseekers and employers to see the real faces of EURES!


What are the main messages that you’d like people to take away from the video?

EURES has much to offer. There are enthusiastic and motivated EURES Advisers who will help you find a job or an employee all over Europe. German EURES Advisers are available on a daily basis and are based across Germany, providing cross-border and transnational recruitment support in every area.


Thanks to EURES junior specialist Lena Kocanis for providing the content for this article.


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