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From Paris to Dublin: Juliette’s story

Juliette was working in Paris when she first came across EURES. For business school graduates in France, 90% of the relevant graduate jobs are based in Paris. Juliette was looking for a change and wanted to go abroad, and having already volunteered out of the country, she decided it was time to look for a job overseas.

Juliette registered with EURES France (Pôle emploi) to help with her search for work abroad. Sébastien Faure, a staff member at EURES France, advised Juliette to look at companies in Ireland as they hire a large number of young international people. EURES France also helped Juliette with her job search by encouraging her not to give up when she was losing hope, and providing financial support for her to attend interviews.

Juliette received tailored support from Sébastien, who joined the French public employment service in 2007. “I work for the International Mobility and Placement Unit at Pôle emploi, and am one of about 70 EURES staff members in France,” he explains. “We assist about 7,000 candidates with mobility projects and promote around 6,000 job offers per year from all over the word. Our mission is to support candidates with information on living and working conditions, and assist them with their job search in Europe and across the world. We also support European and foreign companies with recruitment and digital services.”

With the support of EURES, Juliette now has a permanent contract working for a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform that helps companies to interact with their customers, based in Dublin. She joined the company in February 2019 as part of their graduate programme in sales. Working abroad has allowed Juliette to meet new people and to improve her English. “By staying in Europe, I am able to see my family and friends frequently while still getting the full working abroad experience,” she explains.

The main challenges in moving to work in a new country for Juliette have been the paperwork and being away from family and friends, although they are just a short flight away. She also says she found it difficult to get used to the weather. “However, Ireland is an amazing country with fantastic people,” says Juliette. “Dublin is a very dynamic city with a lot of international people, which is very exciting.”

What is Juliette’s main piece of advice for other people thinking of moving abroad for a similar experience? “Do not hesitate to apply. Do not be afraid. Being abroad is an amazing experience which allows you to develop yourself and open your mind. I would definitely recommend EURES.”


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