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Five inspiring stories from the Reactivate photo competition

Since its launch in 2016, the Reactivate initiative has helped over 750 people find a job or traineeship in the EU. To put a face to the statistics, the Reactivate team announced a photo competition before the pandemic, inviting people to share their experience with the job mobility scheme.

Competition participants were asked to send pictures of themselves before and after their involvement in the EU initiative and briefly describe their story. Below you can learn more about the five winners and their inspiring experiences.

36-year-old José Miguel from Spain found a job as a system integrator in a small town in central Italy. Besides the Reactivate relocation package, he also received funding to enrol in an Italian language course. José Miguel did very well at his job and his six-month contract was later changed to a permanent one. He says opportunities like this are seized or lost.

When Sarata first registered with Reactivate, she had been struggling with unemployment for a long time despite her Master’s degree. The 43-year-old French mother was worried about her future and that of her daughter. The Reactivate team helped Sarata to find stability in Cork, Ireland, where she started work as a customer experience specialist at a business-to-business company.

Although he never lost hope while he was unemployed, Alessandro says he is very grateful to Reactivate. The job mobility scheme gave the 62-year-old Italian a second chance in life, finding him a job as a general manager at a gas and oil company in Cyprus.

44-year-old Maria was urged to register with Reactivate by her grandmother. The job mobility scheme helped the Spanish woman to move to Germany, where she now lives with her family and works as a care worker.

When José Javier, 51, registered with Reactivate, he was going through a difficult time in his life, struggling with unemployment and family problems. Thanks to the job mobility scheme, the Spanish man found a job in Brussels as a developer at a company that offers online courses to EU institutions. José Javier says his love for Europe grows each day.


Reactivate is a European Union job mobility scheme that matches employers with qualified workers and helps EU citizens find a job, traineeship, or apprenticeship in another EU country. The initiative gives jobseekers over the age of 35 access to job opportunities, training resources, career counselling, as well as financial support for interviews, relocation and language courses. Learn more about the EURES Targeted Mobility Schemes.


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