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EURES: Opportunities for young people, businesses and organisations

While Drop’pin has always been a part of the EURES family, the platform’s recent relocation to the EURES website has firmly united the two services. We thought it was a good time to take a closer look at EURES and what this unique network has to offer the young people, businesses and organisations of Drop’pin.

What is EURES?

EURES is the European co-operation network between the European Commission, National coordination offices and service providers (EURES Members and EURES partners) in the 28 EU Member States plus Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. The network also includes Public Employment  Services (PES), Private employment services (PRES), trade unions and employers’ organisations from across Europe as partners.

EURES provides its services through more than 1000 EURES Advisors available daily for job seekers and employers across Europe, as well as through The European Job Mobility Portal, a central hub for employee and employer opportunities.


What’s the aim of EURES?

Established in 1993, EURES provides information, advice and job matching opportunities for jobseekers and employers across Europe. The service aims to facilitate free movement of workers within the EU by supporting people to find a job, or develop the skills that will help them to find a job in the future, and by giving businesses or organisations the chance to find the right candidates for their vacancies.


What does EURES offer young people?

Through the EURES Job Mobility Portal, young people can search for jobs or youth opportunities in a variety of fields across the participating countries. The versatile search engine makes it quick and easy to find the right opportunities for you.

The portal also offers an online CV creation system and valuable advice about living and working abroad.


What does EURES offer businesses or organisations?

The EURES Job Mobility Portal is a great place for businesses and organisations to recruit new talent and find out more about the steps to take when recruiting people from across Europe. Employers can also directly advertise their youth opportunities on the platform. 


What’s Your first EURES job?

Your first EURES job is an EU job mobility scheme for 18-35 year olds, which helps young people to find jobs, traineeships or apprenticeships in another EU country (plus Norway and Iceland). It’s a great chance for young people to gain work experience and develop their skills, while also experiencing a new culture and country.

For businesses and organisations, the scheme helps them to find qualified young workers, particularly for hard-to-fill positions. There is also funding available for SMEs to cover some of the training and integration costs of taking on the new employee, trainee or apprentice.



What are European Job Days?

European Job Days are unique online and onsite recruitment fairs that bring together jobseekers and businesses or organisations from other European countries. The events occur on a national, regional, cross-border and cross-national level. Participants are able to attend in person, and remote access is also available through livestreaming and online chat tools that can be used to conduct interviews.

More information about upcoming European Job Days can be found here.


Next steps


Investing in young people is essential to Europe’s future and our recent article reflects on the benefits for businesses and organisations. We’ve also explored other EU programmes for young people, such as Erasmus+ and the Youth Guarantee scheme, so why not see what opportunities are out there for you?




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