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EURES France: Making the Job Hunt Easier with Emploi Store

If you are currently unemployed or looking for a change in career, then you will understand the saying that ‘looking for a job is a job in itself’. Hours spent trawling through the internet searching companies, job sites, CV templates, career advice… the list goes on. It’s tiresome and often frustrating but EURES France has a brand-new website service that does all the hard work for you.

Emploi Store is an innovative online platform dedicated to anyone searching for employment or training in France. But it also has a "European dimension". 


Pôle Emploi created Emploi Store, a searchable database of pretty much everything related to employment services. Whether you need help preparing an application, brushing up your interview skills or a helping hand in finding a job, Emploi Store gives instant access to a whole list of apps, websites and tools that will sort you out. A useful array of cutting-edge interactive tools is accessible and ready to use at Emploi Store.


The platform, launched in July 2015, brings together the details of over 180 websites, mobile apps and downloadable tools, all of which have been tried, tested and reviewed by real job seekers. 


How does it work?


The Emploi Store website is really user friendly and the huge database has been divided into four main groups: Choosing a Job, Training, Preparing your Application, and Finding a Job.  All you should do is select the area you need help with and Emploi Store gives you a list of all the sites that offer a related service. Then it’s up to you which of them to try out.


And what if I have plans to go and work abroad?


With the assistance of EURES France, as of June 2016, a completely new space on the site has been specially reserved with the international jobseeker in mind. The platform undergoes constant renewal with fresh content and information, giving jobseekers access to a wide variety of tools that can better their chances abroad. Some of the tools include a handy game called “are you ready to work abroad?”, online workshops Living and working in Germany, Belgium, UK, Canada, Italy and many more countries; an interactive tool to foresee and prepare your return back home, and even virtual training for an interview in English and German.


Emploi Store is a one-stop shop for anyone looking for work, vocational training or employment assistance.  It not only saves valuable time and energy, but since many job seekers are not aware of the different types of assistance that are available to them, with this new platform EURES France is opening doors to opportunities that many didn’t even know were there to begin with.


To learn more check out the Emploi Store.


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