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Actiris spreading the good news of Your First EURES Job in Brussels

In December 2016, EURES collaborators at Actiris took to the streets of Brussels to promote the job mobility programme, Your First EURES Job (YFEJ). Actiris International is the international arm of the Brussels Public Employment Service, Actiris, who are one of the partners supporting the EURES endeavour.

Youth unemployment in Brussels has been steadily dropping over the past years, and currently stands at 25.3%. However, there is still much to do to maintain this trend and Actiris wasted no time in springing into action. 


The dynamic Actiris International team set up a banner and information point in Brussels’ city centre, reaching out to young passers-by who just might be in need of a helping hand onto the career ladder.


Armed with hundreds of eye-catching postcards printed in both French and Dutch the team visited some of the hippest and happening venues frequented by the young people of Brussels. Flyers were distributed far and wide, in cultural venues, cafes, bookshops and even on public transport. You can check out some photos from the day via the Actiris Facebook page.


A dynamic viral marketing campaign was conducted in the hope of spreading the word of YFEJ to young professionals and job seekers alike. Led by Actiris International, the innovative marketing activities resulted in an increase in applications to benefit from the YFEJ programme. Actiris’ Head of International Employment Ms. Jessica Mathy, who led the campaign, says they created a unique opportunity to make contact with a wider than usual audience, especially one that is not always aware of the international dimension of their services. Thousands of postcards were spread across the four corners of Brussels. “While it is still early days to narrow down the precise figures at the end of the campaign, we are currently forecasting a substantial number of requests to come our way over the next few months. And this can only mean that we will have reached our objective which is to promote job mobility in Europe!”, according to Jessica.


If you’re between 18 and 35 years old Your First EURES Job might just be for you


The YFEJ mobility scheme is an opportunity for all European jobseekers younger than 35 who are interested in working or getting access to training or apprenticeships across the EU, Norway and Iceland. An initiative that is financially supported by the European Commission, it aims to facilitate international mobility within the EU for both jobseekers and provide guidance and assistance to the employers who recruit them.


YFEJ is currently implemented at EU-wide level by four consortia led respectively by the public employment services in France, Italy, Germany and Sweden, involving other EU Member States. Actiris is part of a consortium led by the public employment service in France (Pôle Emploi). Since 2016, Actiris has already contributed to many job opportunities abroad in a number of sectors, namely: industry, business, the IT and media sectors and in NGOs. Relocation support has mostly been allocated to jobseekers moving to Germany, Portugal and Spain, and for the most part the recipients have been women aged between 25 and 30 years old.


The YFEJ scheme can provide jobseekers with financial assistance for travel expenses to attend interviews, relocation costs, language course fees plus assist in the task and costs of getting their qualifications recognised.


Additionally, the initiative helps employers within those Member States recruit suitable staff for their businesses, and provides financial support to help them create an integration programme for their new staff members.


YFEJ makes it easier for young Europeans to move, work and live in Europe, and eases the recruitment process for employers.


How to get in contact with…


Actiris International


If you would like to know more about YFEJ, simply get in touch with Actiris International to set up an appointment.  Check out their website for full contact details


Other YFEJ employment services in the EU


You can also find more information on YFEJ as well as the contact details of other YFEJ services at EU level here.

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