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Gaming could well become the next tool in the recruiters’ kit

Brush up on your computer gaming – it could be make or break when you next go for an interview. Big name companies like Deloitte are checking out applicants for risk tolerance, speed of learning, mental agility and persistence by seeing how well they play specially developed games.



New Year, new job? Check out this expert careers advice to make 2016 your year

The start of the year offers the chance to take a good look at what your work objectives are – to make resolutions, review goals and reassess your career.



Internships beckon for some lucky medical students

Learn new ways of doing things, get practical experience, brush up on your English and get paid for doing so. EURES Lithuania has teamed up with Jark Healthcare, an employment agency, to enable some medical students to get summer internships in the UK that could put them ahead of the game when it comes to building a career.



Making yourself at home in a new country – Portuguese nurse finds financial independence in Germany

Joana Cavaco from Portugal took up a post in Germany two years ago and has some insights to share with anyone thinking of moving to a completely new culture for work.



Remote beauty spot or the middle of nowhere? Get ready for a job in the wilds!

While most jobs may be in towns and cities, there are many on offer in wilder, more remote places. How can jobseekers make themselves at home in remote communities? And how can employers help their staff come to terms with isolation and encourage them to stay for longer contracts? One Norwegian EURES Adviser has some ideas.



Proud and happy – Romanian has made a real success of his job abroad

Constantin Amariei decided to change the direction his life was taking in Romania and take up a job in the Czech Republic when he was 48. It was a big step to take but he felt confident that EURES had put forward a post for him that was real, ‘EURES doesn’t suggest any ‘grey’ companies’, he says.



European Job Day a real success for a Belgian IT specialist!

Pierre Dramaix had been in Belgium for three months after returning from a trip to Canada and knew it was time to start looking for a new job. Being eager to work abroad he was happy to go along to a EURES run European Job Day in Brussels.



Drop’pin Live Twitter chat is tweeted to over 300 000 users

The six young Europeans who offered to be the Drop’pin Live Q&A hosts were kept busy on 25 November. The hashtag, #DroppinGoFar was trending by noon and by the end of the event the tag had been tweeted to 303 000 users.



Multinationals like Disneyland® Paris work through EURES to boost recruitment

It’s autumn and that means Disneyland® Paris is gearing up to recruit hospitality and other staff who will work as a team to make sure their customers have an unforgettable experience. To find the right people for these important roles, the company turns to the EURES network to reach jobseekers across the EU.



Swedish designers shine at Viennese design fair

For almost two years EURES Sweden has been slowly building up its collaboration with the organisers of the Scandinavian Light & Design Fair, held in cities across the EU. The result? The perfect chance for young Swedish designers to show off their wares to industry leaders at the Viennese fair held in October.




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