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What insight can an adviser with almost 30 years’ experience offer you?

For almost 30 years Cindy Sijmonsma has been ready to give advice on finding work in any sector, anywhere. Cindy is a prime example of a EURES adviser, dedicated, motivated and always ready to help people find their way in a new environment. ‘Culture is about so much more than books and music' she says. ‘It is about how we eat at lunch breaks, how we communicate.'



From script to screen – Swedish writers see if their ideas have wings

Twelve screenwriters were given the chance to pitch their ideas to producers in Berlin in June. In the third event of its type held in Germany, organised by Swedish EURES adviser Wanna Spiridonidou, writers mingled with industry professionals and outlined their stories during a presentation session.



Two young Italians tell YouTube why they chose the Your first EURES job scheme

Fabio Bertollini and Agata Murgano are both young Italians who are making the most of their career opportunities with the help of the Your first EURES job scheme. Their experiences feature in two recently posted YouTube videos. Read on to find out why they chose the scheme and what it offered them.



EURES – a ‘joined up’ approach to helping you get and keep your job

When EURES helped Panagiota Domestichou take on a nursing assistant's post in Finland, she finally felt she was able to do the job for which she had qualified in Greece. But trouble was on the horizon – six months after being in the post her employers felt they needed additional paperwork. EURES and Europe Direct in Greece, along with EURES Finland, stepped in to help.



IT job opportunities explored for Finns thinking of moving to Sweden

Sweden needs information, computer and technology experts. Some employers are realising that Finland could be the place to look as shake-ups at Nokia have made many professionals redundant. EURES advisers in both countries are there to help people find new employers and make the move.



New app calculates right salary for you based on your CV

Looking for work or asking for a rise but you're not sure what your salary should be? A new app will help you calculate what you are worth to your employer.



Young Spanish dentists make the move to the Netherlands

A friendly conversation between a Dutchman living in Spain and a EURES adviser back in the Netherlands was the start of a pilot project launched in 2014, to help young Spanish dentists to work in the Netherlands. Six months later, with the help of Your first EURES job, 12 graduates took up the opportunity to move from Spain to the Netherlands. This year the number will climb to around 40.



Connecting young people with opportunities to boost their employability has just got easier

In today's labour market, the odds seem stacked against young people wanting to get a foot on the employment ladder. A lack of experience and work-related skills, combined with a shortage of suitable opportunities to acquire those skills, are just some of the obstacles that young Europeans face. As they navigate that tricky gap between the end of school or university and the start of their careers, they need support to make the most of this crucial time in their lives.



Learning new nursing skills in another country – Marco is heading to the UK

Sharing ideas with fellow nurses and developing as a person – the two goals have attracted 26 year old Marco Colombero to try a stint in the UK's National Health Service.



EURES' advisers think creatively

Ever wonder how a EURES adviser can keep up with the needs of so many different clients, from a range of sectors with varying goals? Medicine, IT, agriculture – a EURES adviser can be called on to offer help in relation to any sector. To do so they need to know what is going on and finding out can take some creative thinking. Here's how one Greek adviser set about the task of getting up to speed on the engineering sector.




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