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Where love meets chocolate on the edge of a Norwegian fjord

Holiday romances don’t usually change the direction your life takes. But when Bengt Dahlberg from Sweden took a trip to Norway’s Geiranger Fjord and fell in love, he decided he would do what he could to stay. The result is a handmade chocolate workshop and café on the side of one of the most spectacular fjords in the world.



For a family business depending on seasonal recruitment, EURES has been a vital ally

When Swedish couple Kenneth and Birgit Andersson took over the family strawberry farm back in 1991 and it is the foreign pickers who keep the business viable. But recruiting overseas workers was expensive and time consuming not to mention the complications of a language barrier. To get help to overcome these and other barriers, the Anderssons turned to EURES for help.



Long term relations with employers puts EURES Advisers in prime position to help jobseekers

What do you look for in a long term relationship? If it is trust, transparency and a feeling that someone genuinely wants to help you, then you could be describing the contact between many EURES Advisers and the recruiters they have on their books.



Portuguese healthcare professionals take their skills to northern Norway

For one young couple from Lisbon, a new life in Norway began with targeted language training. Today they are working as a laboratory analyst and a pharmacist in a town close to the Arctic Circle, and have an almost two-year-old daughter who is fast becoming bilingual



An interview, a psychometric test and a questionnaire – Why is applying for a job getting so complicated?

Recruiters on the lookout for some high-level employees are using a suite of techniques to make sure they employ the right person. Read on to unravel the latest trends and find out what to expect.



Digital job of your dreams – jobseekers’ registration is still open for the Madrid job fair

Big name recruiters like Uber, Huawei, Amazon development and are on the lookout for quality employees. You may well be someone that meets their needs. If you are looking for work in the digital sector then check out the European Digital Job Fair, Madrid, on 20 November.



Island recruiters and employers tap into EURES Malta’s tailored support

Several booming sectors on this Mediterranean island, from software to iGaming, are urgently seeking new employees. EURES Malta may only be a small team, but it is winning plaudits for pro-actively supporting the recruiters and employers that serve these sectors every day.



EURES’ close cooperation between countries = the best service for jobseekers and employers

EURES is an EU-wide network, with contacts beyond Europe. Meeting up regularly and frequently working together, advisers are in a strong position to match people looking for employment with the right recruiters. Two members of the EURES network, from Hungary and Romania explain how this works in practice and why it matters.



Digital media opens its doors to five young Irish jobseekers thanks to new EURES initiative

Sometimes getting experience abroad can really help you get that prime job and a new scheme in Ireland is giving young jobseekers that head start. Five participants in Ireland’s Experience Your Europe (EYE) programme followed media training in the Netherlands with Illuminata Media. Now back in Dublin, they will all have jobs or job offers with this Dutch firm by the year’s end.



You’ve done the hard work getting the interview – don’t let your nerves let you down!

Tracked down that ideal job? Managed to get invited for an interview? Read on for some ideas on how to be calm and confident, even if you are feeling full of nerves.




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