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Latest recruitment challenge for one Spanish EURES Adviser – bio scientists for Danish company

While Spanish EURES Adviser Manuel Zazo Cardeñosa knows how to help spot a good cow-milker, he can also turn his hand to identifying which applicants to invite to meet the representatives of Denmark’s largest healthcare companies Novo Nordisk. Whatever the recruitment requirements of the companies who consult EURES, the advisers will do their best to meet their needs.



Young Italian explores Europe and beyond through range of EU programmes

To Finland as part of Erasmus, back again under the European Voluntary Service and then on to Cambridge, UK, through the Leonardo Da Vinci programme. Now Italian Danilo Bisbano has benefitted from the help EURES can offer and is working for Disney at the Epcot Theme Park in Orlando.



An exciting time – recent graduates and school leavers setting out to build their careers

School’s out and, for many, so is university or college. If you are one of the young people leaving fulltime education, the world is stretched out before you. So what are some young Europeans thinking about their options and hopes?



The best questions to ask when your interviewer turns the tables!

The part of an interview that many people dread is heralded by the question, ‘Is there anything you would like to ask us?’ This is your chance to stand out from the crowd so don’t let it phase you. Here are 5 good questions to make sure you shine.



Fast-track training for your first digital skills job

Combine new technical skills with key ‘soft skills’ and you’ve got a greater chance of finding and keeping a job. That’s the thinking behind FIT4Jobs, an Irish training-for-employment initiative just tested successfully in five other EU countries.



Life science LinkedIn group bridges Scandinavian talent gap

One thousand highly paid jobs in life science are available today in the Oresund Region, in Sweden and Denmark. One of the best ways you can land such a job is to join a special LinkedIn group, supported and managed by EURES Oresund a cross-border partnership.



Craft beer brewery in Norway gets support to train Italian employee through EURES

A small craft brewery that prides itself on its traditional approach is happy to welcome a young Italian whose experience back home makes her a perfect fit for Kinn Bryggeri's needs. Support from the Your First EURES Job scheme (YfEJ) is helping this small business to train their newest member of staff.



Just graduated? Congratulations! Read on for top careers advice

If you have just graduated you may be wondering what to do next. Avoid making the all too frequent mistake of jumping into the first graduate job scheme that matches your qualifications. Don’t be one of those to do a U-turn within the year as they realise their choice is not a good fit for them. Take a little time to work out what will work for you.



Redundancy over the border? EURES Advisers rally round to help workers find new jobs

Redundant workers in a border town in the Netherlands get an extra boost in their job search thanks to the close working relationship between EURES Advisers in the border region and their colleagues in Belgium.



Norway’s oil and gas sector hard hit – EURES Denmark on hand to help some find new work

Many highly qualified engineers whose skills have been vital to the success of Norway’s oil and gas sector are being made redundant due to historically low prices. But new horizons are opening up for some as EURES Denmark helps them find work in new sectors, including wind energy.




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