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#EUinmyregion Facebook Photo Competition – what are you waiting for?

Each year the EU invests in thousands of regional projects: there must be one somewhere near you! Take a great photo of it and you could be enjoying a free trip to Brussels and a photography workshop. Enter the #EUinmyregion competition for a chance to win.



12 Swedish script writers get the chance to pitch to Polish producers

Script writing is a notoriously difficult field to survive in. Twelve Swedish screenwriters were given a boost on 26 March, as they pitched their ideas to industry professionals in collaboration with the Polish Film Institute. The opportunity was the result of two years of relationship-building between the Institute and EURES adviser Wanna Spiridonidou, based in Sweden.



3 500 vacancies on offer at cross-border Job Day in Saarbrücken

If you were searching for the heart of Europe, you might find it in the border region between Germany, France, Luxembourg, and Belgium – the location of a EURES cross-border partnership*. At a recent job day in this diverse region, held in Saarbrücken, Germany, a mix of German, French and English could be heard.



A brief contract abroad can help boost your CV

When Brenda van de Klundert graduated from the Haagse Hogeschool with a degree in European studies, she wanted to find work that would build on her new qualification and give her the chance to broaden her horizons. So she approached her EURES Adviser Peter de Leede based at Dordrecht, the Netherlands, to find out what opportunities there were abroad.



A chance to shine at Berlin event pays off for Swedish opera singer

When Swedish opera singer Emilia Feldt auditioned at the Deutsche Opera House in Berlin she knew she was going to have to make a real impression. She was the last of 40 singers to perform at an event organised by EURES Sweden and had one chance to make an impact on a tired panel. Her talent shone through and she now finds herself promoted by a German agent, living in Berlin, building up her career in a new land.



Age no obstacle for Dutch consultant now working in Poland

When 59-year-old Henk Marrink was unable to find suitable employment in his native Netherlands, he decided to look abroad for opportunities. With the help of his EURES Adviser, Henk managed to land a consultancy job as a Senior Finance and Accounting Process Specialist in Krakow, Poland.



An interview, a psychometric test and a questionnaire – Why is applying for a job getting so complicated?

Recruiters on the lookout for some high-level employees are using a suite of techniques to make sure they employ the right person. Read on to unravel the latest trends and find out what to expect.



A positive mindset makes the difference for Spanish nurse in Norway

Two years ago, Alba Gracia followed her heart and moved from Spain to Norway to take up a nursing job. In Spain, her story is a fine example of a successful EURES experience. Here we get some tips from Alba and her EURES Adviser about settling in a new country.



Apprenticeship opportunities for 1 000 young Spaniards through MobiPro programme and EURES

A chance to perfect a trade, learn German and develop a career in reputable companies opens up for Spanish apprentices. 1 000 Spaniards, recruited this year alone, use EURES to make the most of Germany’s MobiPro programme to be placed in apprenticeships across the country.



Attending a Job Day allows Slovakian electrician to fulfil his dream

Ondrej Farbiak, a Slovakian technician had a dream to one day be able to buy his own house. A EURES Job Day in Nitra allowed him to take one step closer to his goal, by helping him to find a job in Germany.




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