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Want to spend time looking for work abroad? Don’t forget you can ‘export’ your benefits

When Delphine Beukelaers decided to leave France and look for work in Riga, Latvia, she was all set to use her savings to live on. In only a few weeks she would have invested time and money. Perhaps all her money, but not enough time to track down an opportunity, go for an interview and get the post. She was delighted to find she had the right to export her benefit from France.



Breaking new ground – EURES social media job fair

Put the date in your diary! Friday 9 October 2015 sees the rollout of a job fair exclusively on Twitter and Facebook. Hosted by EURES the Netherlands, the innovative event may well be a first for the network. If successful, it could pave the way for other EURES colleagues across Europe to do the same.



Lithuanian construction firm fills vacancies quickly and easily thanks to support from EURES

The construction firm Projektana, based in Kaunas, Lithuania, is doing very well despite operating in a difficult economic climate. Their core work is laying foundations at construction sites in Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus and Russia. But the amount of work coming in means they frequently have to take on staff and need to look further afield for the required skills profiles. Projektana is clear about the benefit of hiring through the EURES network.



Moving to Denmark for work? The Workindenmark's Spouse Programme will help your partner find a job too

You don’t need to put your career on hold if your spouse is moving to Denmark for work, as Tiago Silva found when his wife was recruited as a psychiatrist in a Danish hospital. He made the most of Workindenmark Spouse Programme which offers coaching and advice to help partners into employment.



Greek nurse helping Alzheimer sufferer in Black Forest thanks to Your first EURES job

As the situation in Greece remains challenging finding work in some sectors is very difficult. Healthcare is one area that has been hard hit so nurse Kalliope Kazepi was glad to have the chance to develop her career by taking up a post in the Black Forest, Germany.



Learning in the classroom, practising in the workplace – the MobiPro programme is really paying off

Over a 100 young people from Bulgaria this year alone, have seized the chance to benefit from vocational training and work opportunities thanks to the Job of my Life programme in Germany



Finding a job on EURES portal – more powerful searches, simpler to use

Changes are coming to our portal! Jobseekers using the ‘Find a job' tool will soon be able to make the most of a more powerful search engine and a simpler interface.



Traineeship, internship, apprenticeship – which one is for you?

If you are under 35 years old and looking for work then Your first EURES job and the new Drop'pin@EURES portal may be for you. These can help you find a job, traineeship or an apprenticeship in any EU country, along with Norway and Iceland. But are you clear on what the difference is between a traineeship and an apprenticeship? And what about an internship? Read on to demystify!



EURES Advisers help school leavers weigh up their options

Latvian school leavers are getting an insight into job hunting across Europe thanks to the activities of EURES Advisers who are going into schools to talk directly with the jobseekers of tomorrow.



Bilingual speakers give their brains a cognitive boost

There are obvious benefits to speaking different languages: more places feel like home, you are highly employable and can chat with the people around you easily. But there are hidden benefits too, as recent research shows.




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