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A new job in Austria opens up horizons for Slovenian jobseeker

Ana-Marija Vratanar, from a little village in Slovenia, had been looking for a good job at home before seeing a job vacancy that aroused her curiosity. The job advertised at her local job centre was for a position in a family-run hotel in Austria. ‘I thought to myself, why not?’ So she made contact with EURES Adviser Žarko Markovič, based in Ljubljana.



A very happy festive season to all

EURES takes this opportunity to wish you a happy holiday and a New Year full of new opportunities. If your New Year resolution is to look for a new job, whether you are unemployed, looking for a change or interested in working within a new culture, EURES is here to support you in realising your goals.



From hobby to business – Youth Guarantee helps young Greek woman achieve her dream

When Aristea Zachari left school, three months of unsuccessful job hunting followed, making her financially dependent on her parents and concerned about her future. So when the Youth Guarantee scheme was presented to her at her local careers office, she jumped at the chance to take part and train as a hairdresser.



Webinars helps people target their CV and covering letters to the Swedish job market

If you are attracted to the idea of working in a country with a beautiful, natural environment, a healthy recognition of work/life balance and a rich tradition of art and design then Sweden might just be the place for you.



Targeted training helps Spanish chefs get into Swedish job market

To max out the chances of participants’ success at events held to find Spanish chefs for the Swedish restaurants, EURES Spain has posted a webinar on how to prepare a CV for that job market.



Youth Guarantee three years on – how is it doing?

The Youth Guarantee, and the Youth Unemployment Initiative that supports it, are two initiatives the EU put in place to help young adults into work, training or apprenticeships. Set up three years ago, the programmes, which are aimed at fighting youth unemployment in Europe, have helped millions of young people. But although the results are looking good, the European Commission is clear there is no place for complacency.



Latest statistics show employment on the rise over last two years

Unemployment in the EU is now at its lowest rate (8.6%) since March 2009, with 1.6 million fewer unemployed people in the EU compared to last year, reports the autumn edition of the Employment and Social Development in Europe (ESDE) Quarterly Review.



Young Italian bakes perfect pizzas 2 000 km from home

When opportunities come knocking it’s good to embrace them. Emanuel Cappelletti, freshly graduated from an Italian tourism and hospitality school, did just that. Today, with support from EURES, he is working in a Finnish pizzeria and loving every minute.



Berlin plays host to professional pitch for Swedish screenwriters

Ready for the next Scandi blockbuster or TV series? It may soon be coming to a screen near you, to judge from the positive noises being made by some of the 23 participants who attended EURES Sweden’s pitch for screenwriters event on 2 June 2016.



Discover your talent through vocational training

There is still a feeling that University is the only way forward after you’ve finished secondary school. But vocational training, such as apprenticeships, can open up excellent opportunities. The shape of these courses, and the diversity of professions they can lead to, has changed greatly over the past decades. So this is the perfect time for the European Commission to organise it’s first vocational skills week.




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