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5 apps for a more effective workday

Meet the EURES Spain team!

300 SMEs find perfect match through exchange scheme

The hiring process of NGOs: how to recognise the right talent for you!

Many people like the idea of working for a non-governmental organisation (NGO), making any open position a popular one. With so many potential employees to choose from, how can your NGO find the right talent to drive your organisation forward?



Spanish IT specialist finds a fresh start in Germany

NGOs: What, why and where?

You’ve probably come across the acronym ‘NGO’ on Drop’pin@EURES, EURES itself and various other job-related websites. But what are NGOs, why would you want to work for one and where can you find out more?



Quality and quantity on offer at Slovakian jobs fair

Do's and don'ts when starting a business – get in the game

Starting a business takes a competitive mentality and has a lot in common with running a successful sports team. So let's get ready to rumble!



Job fairs: making the most of your time

So you’ve found a job fair you’d like to go to and you’ve completed the registration process (if necessary!) What’s next? You might think that just turning up on the day is enough, but to get the most out of a job fair – and to use your time wisely – it can be a good idea to do a bit of forward planning…



Sweden invites Greek health specialists to move north

A successful employment concept is encouraging healthcare workers to swap Greece for Sweden. The biannual Swedish Week is held in Athens and Thessaloniki, with the latest edition taking place last month, and cooperation between the two countries goes back a long way.




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