Advertise a job

Most of the jobs on the EURES Job Mobility Portal come from the job vacancies databases managed by the Public Employment Services of the countries participating in EURES. Using a technology called Web Services, the EURES search engine instantly, in real time, interrogates each national database for jobs. These jobs can be of two types:

  • "EURES jobs", displayed with a blue flag, which are jobs where an employer has expressed an interest in recruiting from another country, or
  • any other jobs advertised in the national jobs databases.

There is, in addition, a central database where EURES advisers can manually post jobs that will all be flagged as "EURES jobs". This is for the time being the only way for those few countries that are not yet fully connected to Web Services to advertise jobs on the EURES portal. This solution can, however, also be used for other specific purposes, such as when an employer wishes to publish a vacancy in several languages etc., which may not always be possible in a national database.

If you want to advertise a job in a national jobs database and thereby also make it visible on the EURES portal, you have several options at your disposal. Many countries offer Internet Self Service solutions and Call Centres. To find out how to proceed and whom to contact in the respective countries, please refer to the table below. You will find the contact details of all EURES advisers by clicking on the button "Contact a EURES Adviser" in the right hand column. For information on how to find an employment office, click on the "National Employment Services" link in the right hand column.

Please note that you will often need to have a user ID to be able to use the Self Service systems and that some countries require you to be registered as an employer in that country before you can advertise jobs there.

How to advertise a vacancy on the EURES portal in