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Meeting Point Jobs Fair in Pordenone Gave Job Opportunities to Jobseekers from Denmark, Malta and Sweden

On November 6 and 7 2019, the 12th Meeting Point job fair took place in Pordenone, Italy. This event focused on training and work orientation.

The event took place as part of EURES’ 25th anniversary. Representatives from Denmark, Malta and Sweden were present to provide information and receive applications for a number of job opportunities available in Denmark, Malta and Sweden. These included roles in cosmetics, dentistry, engineering and sales to name a few.

The meeting focused on three key topics to assist jobseekers. The first topic discussed how people can find jobs or internships abroad and featured speakers Stefania Garofalo of EURES FVG, Jørgen Uldall-Ekman from EURES Denmark, Eva Chamoun from EURES Sweden and Daniela Caruana from EURES Malta. They spoke about living and working in Denmark, Sweden and Malta.

Another session followed, with Fabrizio Rossetto of EURES Monza and Brianza presenting information on Erasmus for young entrepreneurs. Ilaria Sicilia, of EURES FVG then gave an overview of the ‘Seize the Summer 2018’ campaign, how to find a seasonal job and European Job Days online.

The ‘Seize the Summer 2018’ campaign set out to introduce employers from southern Europe to jobseekers from all EU/EEA countries. This was specifically targeted towards employers that are in search of multilingual motivated staff from different backgrounds who were prepared to work during the 2018 summer.

Last but not least, Emanuele Bottoli, from the FVG Labor Service, and Gabriele Centazzo, from Valcucine, an Italian kitchen innovation company, delivered a talk on impressing organisations. This involved explaining which attributes a company looks for in candidates, which language to use to contact a company and which channels.

Stefania Garofalo, from EURES FVG and a speaker at the event, said: “The Meeting Point Job Fair was a great opportunity to bring jobseekers and employers together.

“To be able to provide jobseekers with crucial information, such as what companies are looking for and how to get in touch with companies, enables people to take much more control over their career and open up a new line of communication with potential employers.”

If you haven’t already, click here to register with the EURES portal to find out how it can help you.


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