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Public consultation invites citizens to help set EU agenda

Have you ever faced any difficulties when exercising your rights as a mobile worker? The European Commission is asking all EU citizens to share the problems they have experienced when moving around the EU, whether it was for work, study, or a holiday. Citizens are also invited to describe the kind of European Union they would like to see by 2020.
In the largest ever EU public consultation on citizens’ rights, the European Commission is now calling on citizens all over the European Union to help set the policy agenda for the coming years and shape the future of Europe. The consultation will be open until 9 September, during which time the public will be asked about the obstacles they face in exercising their rights as EU citizens.
Influence EU policies by sharing your experiences on, (among other things): looking for a job in another EU country; factors that might prevent you from looking for a job elsewhere in the EU; and problems faced when looking for a job in the public sector in another EU country.
Thanks to EU citizenship – which does not replace national citizenship but complements it – all nationals of the 27 EU Member States have a set of additional rights as EU citizens. Freedom of movement is the most cherished right of EU citizenship. Indeed, Europeans make over a billion journeys within the EU per year and more and more citizens are benefiting from the right to live and work in another EU Member State: in 2010, an estimated 12.3 million EU citizens, or 2.5 %, were living in a Member State other than their own.
The European Commission adopted the first EU Citizenship Report in 2010, based on input from EU citizens, which led to a list of 25 concrete actions needed to be taken to address problems faced by EU citizens. The input received from the public this year will feed directly into the Commission’s policy agenda and form the basis for the 2013 EU Citizenship Report, to be presented in May 2013. 
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