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¡Gana una beca para tu primer trabajo en el extranjero!

¿Tienes entre 18 y 30 años de edad y deseas trabajar en el extranjero durante al menos cuatro meses? En tal caso, la beca que ofrece MCZ* podría ser tu gran oportunidad.
MCZ, an Italian company specialising in fireplaces and stoves, has recently opened applications for their annual grant scheme called ‘Job Creation’. Last year, MCZ decided to try to do something about the increasing unemployment in Europe. Instead of handing out Christmas bonuses, MCZ has decided to fund scholarships for young European jobseekers.
“The initiative started last year at a national level in Italy. Together with Manpower**, we financed training courses for 60 unemployed people and a tailor-made recruiting and placement service. This year, MCZ will offer 10 grants for young jobseekers who want to enrich their CV with international work experience,” says Clara Dalla Pace, sponsor for Job Creation and HR Manager at MCZ.
“The key message that Job Creation want to pass to young jobseekers is very simple: at this difficult time European mobility can be a solution. Being mobile means having the aptitude to change and the capability to seize new opportunities,” states Clara. 
For the 2012 edition, MCZ asked for the cooperation of EURES in Italy, who will advertise the roles available and help match jobseekers to suitable positions. Once jobseekers have found a concrete job opportunity, they can then apply for the grant scheme with MCZ. The scheme is a great way to introduce jobseekers to the market, and gives them invaluable work experience abroad. This year, candidates are able to choose between Lab Assistant Technician, Quality Manager Assistant, Specialised Nurse, and an Advertising Sales Representative when applying for the scheme
This year MCZ has decided to target solely young people, the reason being that young people are often those most affected by the continuing economic crisis. “Aiming to recruit 10 candidates, the purpose of the grant scheme is to give jobseekers practical skills to enable them to break into the difficult European employment market. It helps both candidates and companies, helping young people to find worthwhile work experience, and companies who wish to recruit personnel throughout the EU,” says EURES Adviser in Italy, Stefania Garofalo.
The full list of candidate requirements can be found on a factsheet on the MCZ website, however applicants must be aged between 18 and 30, hold a secondary school Diploma or Bachelor’s degree, preferably attained not more than 12 months before submitting an application. Applicants must also have a good command of English and knowledge of the language of the host country is also sometimes required.
Successful candidates should use the grant of EUR 2 500 from MCZ to cover the initial expenses needed to move abroad, such as travel, accommodation, language courses or other expenses incurred in the host country.
So should young European jobseekers expect to find full-time employment after the placement? “That’s what we hope! In 2011, around 20 jobseekers found a job immediately after the placements,” concludes Stefania.
So if you are available for four months or more in another European country, please get applying to see what opportunities await you!
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*The grant from MCZ is an independent initiative of the company and is distinct from the scheme Your First EURES Job.
** Manpower are a multinational human resources recruitment firm
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