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The third edition of ‘Pas de frontières pour les métiers technologiques de demain’ (‘No borders for tomorrow’s business technology’), held in October 2012 in Saint-Julien-en-Genevois, France, attracted over 1 500 visitors and high technology companies on site offered 160 engineering jobs.
As part of the national Employment Week 2012, the ‘No borders for tomorrow’s business technology’ forum aimed to attract highly qualified technicians and to encourage them to be more mobile and cross borders in Europe for work. The event, organised by the French Public Employment Service (PES), Pôle emploi, in cooperation with EURES, took place on 16 October 2012 in a crucial border region of France: the Haute-Savoie department in the Rhônes-Alpes region, right on the Swiss border.
The idea was to broaden jobseekers and employers’ horizons, by congregating regional and international job opportunities together in one place. The event attracted companies not only from the Rhône-Alpes region but also from various EU Member States and from outside the EU, especially from neighbouring Switzerland. 
According to EURES Adviser, Andre Bonier, the results of the forum’s third edition were positive. Taking part in the event’s organisation since day-one, he says the forum will be held again this year. “In this edition we gathered 36 employers, 80 stands and organised 22 conferences,” he says. With a 2 500 m2 space, the sports and nature venue ’The Paguette’ was a spacious venue in which to host 50 booths of companies offering highly skilled jobs, a central space for Pôle Emploi partners and the EURES network, conferences and lectures on innovation, job hunting and mobility, among other activities.
The programme ’Formation professionnelle tout au long de la vie’ (’Lifelong professional training’), which aims to ease education access for all, was also presented during the forum. Companies attending focus mainly on biotechnology and life sciences, micro- technology, mechatronics, information systems, sustainable development and the green economy.
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